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  1. askkedladd says:

    someone can make a real movie about chelsea after all it’s been through, especially last season
    bravo chelsea KTBFFH

  2. TapirSchnor says:

    bye bye drogba, we going to miss you

  3. dudewild says:

    my heart is mended now, hope it has for you too 🙂

  4. TheFpzsomb says:

    Drogba an Cech are legends ! 

  5. Alex Furkin says:

    i like it

  6. jiwapink93 says:

    we waited so long but we’ll wait forever.. and now.. we’ve already get the UCL~!!!!!!! 😀

  7. Kittyboyfan says:

    shouldn’t anymore :)

  8. xxl7lxx says:

    Now we can all forget about Moscow! We finally did it!!

  9. TheDom820 says:

    please every go to the koptalk youtube channel and spam the hell out of it disgusting scoussers trying to take our achievement away from us

  10. AlexxixCouto says:

    We won!
    CHELSEA <3

  11. millosychelsea says:

    this message is simple: CHELSEA F.C. 2012 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CHAMPION!!

  12. Zokikiza4 says:

    I do not know whether you know but Partizan fans are Chelsea supporters since the 80-ies. I guess because of the crazy fans of the time. Either way, many have been happy tonight as Chelsea took the trophy. We want you to celebrate and to be in the next season in the top of world football. Greetings from Partizan Belgrade fans as undertakers

  13. TheMagnus156 says:


  14. hoggnbodem1 says:

    no…its time to win the CL

  15. TheONGOLOS says:


  16. AlexxixCouto says:

    Am I the only one from Portugal that loves this club? Am I the only FC Porto’s supporter that loves Chelsea?

    Saturday, we will win! C’mon Chelsea!

  17. galacticoazul1 says:

    el tiempo ha llegado , viva el chelsea

  18. KunYasin9 says:

    Time to beat Bayern 19. May!! We need this trophy more than anything else.. LETS DO IT!!

  19. MrReckacyril says:

    chelsea is our name !

  20. rahulbryanston1 says:


  21. gring073 says:

    Now Dortmund 4:2 Bayern Munchen , cmon Chelsea this is our dream WE CAN DO IT because BLUE IS THE COLOR !!

  22. MultiJaMeZzZ says:

    lampard or gerrard hmmm?! not hard is it?

  23. xD xD says:

    C’mon Blues. Allianz Arena 2012 is the day we can’t forget. We can do this!

  24. idonotbelonghere88 says:

    I love you Lampard, Terry, Drogba, Zola, Cech, Mourinho, J. Cole. The past and present, I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
    Please don’t lose the UEFA CL final. My heart is with you!

  25. idonotbelonghere88 says:

    I know. Every time I see it, it feels like being stabbed in the heart.

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