Guus Hiddink confirms that few Blue Players are not playing to Strength

Guus Hiddink has not totally rubbished the opinion that a few of the Blues players are starting to be a bit reserved in their efforts because they are looking to save themselves for the Euro Cup which is pretty nearby.

The media reckons there is no point for players to be wasting too much of what they have got in the tank as not a lot is there for Chelsea to achieve this season , there is not even a particular position in the standings that they are targeting. They are probably just completing the formality of turning up for games.

According to Hiddink, he can’t quite make out what might have been going inside the players because it’s not possible for somebody to know what the other person is thinking. So, he can’t back this “go-easy” thing with extreme certainty, but, it’s something he would not disagree to either.

Some of the ex-Chelsea stars are very annoyed with the approach of the current lot. Losing matches is one thing, but, not even having the appetite to win matches is completely another. The lack of will from the players to win for the pride of the club is something they are really feeling very bad about.

Hiddink has, however, hinted that all the players have been scrutinized by the management and there would be a discussion when the new coaching staff comes and takes charge and a mass offloading might be possible. Continue reading