Chelsea FC increases wages of Football Workers

Chelsea FC became the first club in England to agree to pay all of their workers the living wage of £9.15 an hour. Currently, the minimum wage is of £6.50 an hour. This higher amount of money was established by the Living Wage Foundation in an estimate of what is the amount of cash needed in order to cover the basic needs of living.

Chelsea Chairman Bruce Buck said: “As a responsible employer we are proud of this significant achievement for the club.We believe the move to the Living Wage underlines our commitment to ensuring that all our employees receive a fair rate of pay for their hard work and dedication.Quite simply it is the right thing to do.”

In the team of Jose Mourinho, a string of rumors started to emerge claiming that Andre Schurrlewas on the verge of leaving Chelsea FC as the German midfielder has not made a big impact with the Premier League club and he is mostly just being used as a substitute player more than anything else.

Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United and Arsenal are some of the clubs that the 24 year old German midfielder has been linked with but Andre Schurrle dismissed all of those rumors as he revealed his intentions in remaining with Chelsea FC on the long term.

“Of course I can just laugh all the talk of leaving off. I am not going to change the club in the transfer window. I am happy where I am, I am happy in London. I love the city, I love the fans. We have a great team and want to win something this season. This is where I belong and where I want to help. I know what the manager wants from me and that he likes me.” Chelsea’s Andre Schurrle said.

One rumor that kept on being spread around and which seemed to become true was Andre Schurrle making a move to Borussia Dortmund in order to lure in Marco Reus but all of those rumors were shut down by Schurrle as he stated that he is satisfied in his current situation with Chelsea and is not thinking about joining another club anytime soon.