Chelsea’s Regression towards Mid Table Mediocrity

On previous Sunday at Ethiad, Roman Abramovich looked at the dismantling of Sarri ball publicly. Nowadays the so-called owner of Chelsea doesn’t attend any of the matches of the club. He was not even seen at the training base of Chlesa, Cobham. He stopped turned up at the matches of the club and Cobham after the British Government put stringent restrictions on the vias of the investors. This tightening by the British government was due to the incident of last year, the Salisbury poisoning.

No more the club owner sends text messages on the defeats to the managerial team of the club. The text contained a single question mark, as reported by Fabio Caressa, an Italian journalist. This was revealed in the case of Carlo Ancelotti. Ancelotti was the manager of Chelsea in the time period of 2009 to 2011. During his managerial time period, the club won a FA Cup and Premier League title.  Meanwhile the club title is Manchester United. This made the club owner agitated.

Sari ball was putting on a great impression in Italy. This attracted Abramovich to appoint Sari as the new manager. His inputs were expected at a la Barcelona at passing football matches. Power play rules at the dressing room were the major hurdle in the way of Sari. All this trained the relationship between the manager and Hazard. This led to the firing of Sari.

Abramovich always lacked patience and was persistent with his hire and fire policy throughout the ownership of the club. Mid-table mediocrity is affecting Chelsea’s vision. The premier league requires a stronger and focused Chelsea instead of everyday altering of the manager. It is very obvious that competitive clubs are enjoying fruits of stability. Roman must hold back till Sir Matt Busby utilizes his intellectual in football as manager of the club.