Dos Santos regrets contract signing with Hotspur

Giovani Dos Santos regrets his decision of signing for Tottenham Hotspur instead of Chelsea FC in 2008.

Dos Santos stayed at Tottenham for 4 years and during that period; he got only 15 matches to play.

According to the Mexican playmaker, at the time of signing, the Spurs had promised him that he would not lack playing time at the club and that’s the reason, he opted for that move, but, there were changes made in the management there at White Hart Lane soon and the new manager, who came in, did not give him confidence at all.

In an interview the day before yesterday, Dos Santos said, “I got a call from Juande Ramos and he told me that I would be playing on a regular basis and that prompted me take his offer.”

“I could have gone to Chelsea as well which, now I think, I should have done because at Tottenham, things turned out to be pretty different than what I had thought. Juande departed and it was Harry who took over and for some reason, he kept me out continuously.”

“I, sometimes, felt very frustrated to be in that situation. I would train as hard as anyone else and then, on the game days, I would be sitting out. However, one thing that I liked about Tottenham is their fans. The passion that they would bring to the ground, it was wonderful and I had that desire to win games for them, but, unfortunately, I did not have enough opportunities.”

Dos Santos was finally sold by Tottenham to the Spanish club Mallorca in 2012. He played for Mallorca for just one season before leaving for Villarreal.

Presently, the 25-year old appears to be quite settled at Villarreal.