Chelsea FC vs Atletico Madrid – 30.04.2014 Champions League Promo

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  1. theadriancfc95

    For danfakha bangaly
    1. Hi-Finesse – Downward Rising
    2. Hi-Finesse – Opus

  2. TheGamingFlop

    Soundtrack in the end please

  3. We believe!

    #CFC <3 hajmoo…

  4. theadriancfc95

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  5. Ibrahim Jjobe

    for a guy with few subs…i respect promo its great….sound track and
    visual amazing

  6. RedPandahable

    Could you do a motivation for fenerbahce in the derby this Sunday against
    Besiktas please :)

  7. Why don’t you have more subscribers? This is an amazing promo

    good job on the video!
    you have my subscription :)))

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  10. Federico Bacchi

    great video!

  11. whatsavailaible


  12. This video is sickkkkkkkk. Great great great promo video. Keep them coming.
    Really gets you into it

  13. RedPandahable

    Okay that’s fine and a video would be great when they are champions but if
    you can’t do it I understand :) good luck to chelsea in the semi final

  14. danfakha bangaly

    Soundtrack please please please please Music, soundtrack, 1 and 2
    Soundtrack,music, Soundtrack please please please please

  15. Hay SoccerCom

    Champions League is back with Semi Finals today, which team will get
    advantage for the second leg according to you?

    Atletico Madrid or Chelsea?

    Time: 22:45
    TV: Armenia TV

    Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea FC – 22.04.2014 Champions League Promo

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