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  1. theadriancfc95 says:

    For danfakha bangaly
    1. Hi-Finesse – Downward Rising
    2. Hi-Finesse – Opus

  2. TheGamingFlop says:

    Soundtrack in the end please

  3. Zehare Xale says:

    We believe!

    #CFC <3 hajmoo...

  4. theadriancfc95 says:

    If you like this video, share it and follow me on twitter

  5. Ibrahim Jjobe says:

    for a guy with few subs…i respect promo its great….sound track and
    visual amazing

  6. RedPandahable says:

    Could you do a motivation for fenerbahce in the derby this Sunday against
    Besiktas please :)

  7. Deric Quiroz says:

    Why don’t you have more subscribers? This is an amazing promo

  8. karmusha says:

    good job on the video!
    you have my subscription :)))

  9. Max Trimble says:

    Follow me on Twitter at @NemanjaMaxic! Chelsea fan too!

  10. Federico Bacchi says:

    great video!

  11. whatsavailaible says:


  12. Kendrick says:

    This video is sickkkkkkkk. Great great great promo video. Keep them coming.
    Really gets you into it

  13. RedPandahable says:

    Okay that’s fine and a video would be great when they are champions but if
    you can’t do it I understand 🙂 good luck to chelsea in the semi final

  14. danfakha bangaly says:

    Soundtrack please please please please Music, soundtrack, 1 and 2
    Soundtrack,music, Soundtrack please please please please

  15. Hay SoccerCom says:

    Champions League is back with Semi Finals today, which team will get
    advantage for the second leg according to you?

    Atletico Madrid or Chelsea?

    Time: 22:45
    TV: Armenia TV

    Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea FC – 22.04.2014 Champions League Promo

    #Atletico #AtleticoMadrid #Atleti #Chelsea #FCChelsea #CFC #UEFA #UCL
    #ChampionsLeague #Football #Haysoccer

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