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  1. sthill1993 says:

    He should have mentioned Airbus, BP, RD Shell, Rolls Royce. Europe make better cars, and we have the largest commercial airplane manufacturer, and even if it loses its title this year it’s still fukin huge.

  2. snowman6000 says:

    Are you really comparing luxury goods like high end cars to tech companies take econ son they’re not even comparable. Plus of course our per capita is lower than countries in europe we have over 300 million people.

  3. PTYxProductionz says:

    hey dumbs Apple is the biggest business in the world and is bigger than all those you mentioned

  4. kurdzibonk10 says:


  5. firstiiz says:

    มีช่อง 7 ด้วย

  6. mchm18 says:

    mauricio y moises vieron este partido

  7. GunnersFootball says:

    whats your point. All you proved is that your a racist ignorant cunt.

  8. TheDinho510 says:

    What? 4 of the top 5 films on IMDB top 250 are American. That’s kinda why they spread, but it was really because of colonization and teaching natives and shit how to play these games, it’s not like they were just made and Europeans went on a huge campaign to advertise them, and it definitely doesn’t merit a lot of credit, as these sports have spread ALL over the world and have become popular over time because of that, not because of how great the sports are

  9. ajaggard says:

    How the fuck did this video become an arena for bashing Americans? I’ll get the popcorn.

  10. tnb1137 says:

    Lol can’t be as bad as Americans depicting the battle of Thermopylae in 300.

  11. sthill1993 says:

    The IMDB only shows that the USA makes more movies, not necessarily better ones. James Bond is very well known and very successful, and films like the King’s Speech show quality. The most popular sports were developed in Europe, and spread, that’s why they’re popular. Most people in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa would agree with my opinion, as Football is the world’s most popular sport, and Rugby is extremely popular as well. Oh and the cricket.

  12. TheDinho510 says:

    Yes, compare a country to a continent, like that’s fair

  13. TheDinho510 says:

    Yes, those 2 films were both the epitome of cinematic achievement, to the level of Fight Club or Pulp fiction. Most of IMDB top 250 are American movies, dickhead. Second, these sports are popular because of the rest of the countries, not because of Europe, the Cricket world cup semi-final between Pakistan and India was the most watched event in history. And lastly, no, just because it is your opinion does not mean it is the same as everyone else. Quit being such a narcissistic cocksucker.

  14. MultiBro88 says:

    my point is, you guys who keep talking about delusional country pride are either racist or trapped in the 20th century. i know someone started it first and probably you were just “baited” to counter, but generalization against generalization would only generate hate.

    you guys should seriously feel ashamed of yourself, trying to represent yourself as american, german, or whatever you are. If you want to look good in front of foreigners, try to be humble and provide classy answer

  15. MultiBro88 says:

    first of all, beauty is relative. Some men like fatter women, some others like it skinny. Some like tall women, some like specific race women, and so on and so on. calling a girl ugly just based on where she comes from is obviously racist.

    secondly, having pride of your corporate greeds is delusional. Apple, Google, Porsche, facebook directors dont give a shit about you. what they care about is their shareholders, how to avoid tax and how to make money from average class people like yourself.

  16. MultiBro88 says:

    what’s with all these stupid europe vs USA comments? Who gives a shit if billionaires live in USA or Russia or Germany? Those billionaires dont give a damn about you average class people, why would you feel proud having such corporate greeds in your country? Dont be stupid and dont generalize others from their countries, in every country there are stupid and smart people, beautiful and ugly people, short and tall people, just focus on your own life and stop talking country competition

  17. MonacoVivo says:

    No, most billionaires live in Russia (Moscow). Haha you’re pathetic. List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita: Switzerland: Number 4 USA: Number 14. haha bro you’re definitely ugly and dump. Guess who have the highest salaries? yeah, the swiss. And Europe is the richest place overall because just look at Monaco or the Cote D’azur. Check the big swiss and german cities. The only cars you’ll see are porsches, lamborghinis, ferraris, bentleys, aston martins etc…

  18. themenaceanish says:

    Brazilian women are the hottest actually. I can’t name a single Swiss model XD You Swiss/Germans are nowhere near the wealthiest in the world, what are you smoking dude? Look at the top 100 wealthiest billionaires, dominated by AMERICANS! Google? The biggest search engine in the world. A tech giant so large that it would take up a large chunk out of your shitty Swiss economy. California alone eats up your shitty economy. US GDP per capita also is larger than yours and Germany’s so hahaha!

  19. MonacoVivo says:

    “We have Google” HAHAHA
    We have the hottest women! And come to Switzerland/Germany, we’re the wealthiest in the world. Ugly and fat americans.

  20. sthill1993 says:

    Harry Potter? James Bond? They’re quite big films. Actually I was talking about Europe not just the UK. Few would argue that America’s sport or culture is better, because for all the USA’s influence, the world’s most popular sports are all European. My opinion isn’t fact, but the majority of the world would agree with my opinion.

  21. TheDinho510 says:

    Oh, sorry, I didn’t know your opinion was fact. First of all, the obesity epidemic is really taking off in UK (with rates comparable to that of USA) and have you never heard of a couple of movies called Citizen Kane and The Godfather? Have you ever heard of fucking Fight Club? This is england was so much fucking shit. Clockwork Orange is the only thing holding it down for UK cinema (but we dont know many UK movies in the USA because they barely make it across seas)

  22. ProudAI says:

    Petr Cech raped Messi in anytime they met 😀

  23. gingerRus123 says:

    Amazin goal

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