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  1. 1pk155 says:

    How right you were!

  2. skitz241 says:

    all these statistics meant nothing!

  3. jesmeshd says:

    against all the odds, chelsea still manage to win. it was always gonna be chelsea’s year.

  4. kevinliemunandar says:

    statistic is nothing if it were played on final

  5. Mr1PeterPan1 says:

    the name of the song is Awolnation – Sail

  6. Mr1PeterPan1 says:

    i just want the name of the song.

  7. Mr1PeterPan1 says:

    i just want the name of the song.

  8. arsenal binladin says:

    after that arsenal one im disliking all ur vids mate

  9. Fly2theSora says:

    Benfica had never lost at home in a long time and did way better than Manu that Marseille have did in several years now. Napoli was so hard too, having to deflict the 3-1 defeat to a 4-1 overtime victory. Then Barcelona, at the time where Real had yet not defeated them (we did before them so), even beating them with ten men, coupled with facing Bayern with a reduced squad and beating them at their own penalty game, while the ref was against us those two matches (penalties given to both) says it.

  10. SimbasSamba1 says:

    Everyone saying Bayern had an easier run in?? Ok they have Basel, but Marseilles are better than benfica, Real have cruised in the BBVA, and the group stages are evenly matched, maybe chelsea having the advantage by having Genk. Overall, Chelsea seemed an easier run in

  11. RonCurtisOfficial says:

    name of the song pleasee! My iPhone is broken so i can’t shazam it… Please somebody tell me the name of this song!!

  12. ITTV1 says:

    Stats are tots wrong !!!

  13. kyver80 says:

    we dont have any italians in our first team

  14. Deadeye012011 says:

    lol there wasnt even 1 Italian in Chelseas starting 11

    Cech – Czech Republic
    Cole – English
    Cahill – English
    Luiz – Brazilian
    Bosingwa – Portugese
    Mikel – Nigerian
    Lampard – English
    Bertrand – English
    Mata – Spanish
    Kalou – Ivorian
    Drogba – Ivorian

    4 English
    2 Ivorian
    1 Czech
    1 Brazilian
    1 Nigerian
    1 Portugese
    1 Spanish

    wheres these Italians your talking about ?.

  15. Whamdame says:

    Take away Madrid & Bayern had quite an easy route through the knock out stages.

  16. Geemonster69 says:

    Yes because there’s hardly any English players they’re all Italian…well lots are.

  17. TheAK47MaStA says:

    Wait Bayern beat Real Madrid on penalties, so according to your theory RM is still better than BM. Chelsea was already best even before they beat Munich because they beat the best of 2011(Barca) and then drew against them with 10men. You should be happy we beat Barca, they would have crushed Munich and humiliated them in front of Munich’s own fans, man that would have been a laugh but i’m happy Chelsea won and they’ve proved that they’re best many times in the CL campaign.

  18. sonick328 says:

    chelsea 1-1 4-3 penalties

  19. WBFC1995 says:


  20. Jonathan Jackson says:

    ok lol?

  21. bob52458 says:

    Chelsea Wherever you may be,
    We are the famous CFC,
    And we don’t give a fuck,
    Wherever you may be,
    Because we are the Famous CFC!

  22. Alex Dalby says:

    Yeah so good they had so many chances i think heskey would have put at least 2 in

  23. Mcdeeman21 says:

    Theres only one fact that matters. Chelsea won!

  24. Mcdeeman21 says:

    @Geemonster69 As shown by them winning the champions league…

  25. luisemil66 says:

    Viva ese chelsea

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