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  1. bobby210490 says:

    great video
    chelsea till i die
    blue till i die

  2. Chabub says:

    nice work

  3. 95csabi says:


  4. HPUEF says:

    I met Drogba after the Blackburn game a week before the final and i told him ‘Good luck in Munich Didier, Win it for us’ and its just amazing how he did it with the help of all the other chelsea players. Best moment of my life so far! KTBFFH! <3

  5. coolstorysaul says:


  6. ferish3 says:

    it really a touchy moment when they carved “CHELSEA” in the trophy.

  7. Beefache says:

    What a penalty from Luiz. I knew we were still in it when he knocked that one in.

  8. susall1 says:

    Chelsea make England proud.

  9. supersic58100 says:

    wonderfull video. it’s possible if italy win euro tomorrow, can you make a video for us?? lol :))))

  10. ashhar007 says:

    I’ll download this video and show it to my grandchildren. I’m 20. 

  11. dylanedward100 says:

    lalalalala Dider drogba lalalalala Dider drogba

  12. SrZorro85 says:

    I was at the barber shop when Drogba score, the barber almost messed up my cut because of me. I had no control of myself. lol

  13. thisperson12380 says:

    nice edit

  14. TheSynfection says:

    Shivers. Amazing.

  15. MistyBoy312 says:

    09:48 lol at that gloryhunter , liverpool , qpr , and chelsea fan:D

  16. harry tantohn says:

    all right mate, calm down. saying you wont judge me and then calling me sad. isnt it sad to go through the comments and replying to one 4 days ago. its my opinion, if you dont like it make ur own. done.

  17. xSkyless says:

    LOL uMAD bro hahahaha

  18. TheRustaman says:

    Such a scummy little club.

  19. xbarbiedollxissyx says:

    Thank you Drogba. No hard feelings about you leaving, YOU ARE A HERO

  20. jrobinson887 says:

    Once i saw Drogbas penalty go in on that night it was one of the best feelings ever

  21. Awesomnny says:

    Gone But never Forrgotten Didier drogba’s History in Chelsea :(:(:(:(:(

  22. klikic says:

    Very well written. Personally, for me, Chelsea was during times my only sunshine. So much fans, that have stuck to the team, through the bad times, especially 2nd season Ancelotti was in charge. But we never lost belief, belief that it will turn on the better side.


  23. odman2003 says:

    You must be really sad but I won’t judge you much just on the stupid childish comment you put up.
    Maybe this is the only happiness some of us have seen in a while, you might think everyone who supports Chelsea is has so much other good things happening for them but in bad time we have to hold on to certain things, like football, certain moments like he night 19/05 and hope that it is a start of good things to come. I am appalled you are a chelsea fan, it is quite embarrassing how ignorant.

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