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  1. oldkid10 says:

    im´╗┐ going to chelsea vs psg and chelsea vs mls all-stars ­čśÇ

  2. lilbmoney13 says:

    Wth all the starting 11 are not even going to be there oh well ima go see madrid ac´╗┐ milan 8)

  3. Dianisscfc616 says:

    Gonna be @ the Yankee Stadium supporting my BLUES :)´╗┐ ­čÖé Cant wait to see my Blues ­čśÇ

  4. asantelaalow says:

    yep.´╗┐ all the celebs love chelsea fc

  5. reyesericd says:

    I am going to sun life stadium to watch´╗┐ worlds masters tour 2012 and also chelsea vs ac Milan

  6. mariohds86 says:

    Get proper´╗┐ stadiums first, U de chile wtf?

  7. OddFuture1017BSM says:

    LOL, they´╗┐ play the Americans to get prepared for the next season… ­čÖé

  8. Bernsy says:

    They would rather go to´╗┐ America where they will not get mugged, they can play in nice facilities and people can afford top dollar tickets. But hey, good try bashing the MLS Juan…. (jajajajaja)

  9. coloruli says:

    Come´╗┐ to M├ęxico!

  10. ilsamiri7 says:

    Chelsea should go´╗┐ to Mauritius. xD

  11. ilsamiri7 says:


  12. Yamypeopl3 says:

    still´╗┐ Drogba plays for Chelsea FC in that tour?

  13. TheDimeHendrix says:

    Sunday 22nd July … We shall´╗┐ see you there King Carlo !

  14. mag010208 says:

    Come to´╗┐ Macedonia

  15. FootballTV5 says:

    kraljuu´╗┐ :DD

  16. Makedonec84 says:

    Come to MACEDONIA´╗┐ …here Chelsea fc have many fans :))

  17. salloomy9 says:

    18´╗┐ July ? thats my birthday ­čśÇ !!!

  18. josue965ify says:

    I live in the US but I am not a fan´╗┐ of the football played here. No one seems to care about our league. That game should be great!

  19. josue965ify says:

    Come to the bay area and rape the san jose eathquakes!!!´╗┐

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