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  1. iron888888 says:

    0:14 Torres had boner ! lol

  2. MrCianHD says:

    Mata when he “Baby Blue”

  3. argenriverful says:

    jajaj this model is a copy to the top of Argentina’s River Plate q nothing else will change colors just get online and put Argentina River Plate shirt and you will realize

  4. argenriverful says:

    jajaj ese modelo es una copia a la camiseta de river plate de argentina nada mas q le cambian los colores solo busquen en internet y ponga Argentina River Plate shirt y se daran cuenta

  5. gtafan912 says:

    he meant navy blue u twat, i know it isnt navy blue but thats what he said

  6. FOOTYanalyser says:

    Andrea Pirlo u penalty uploaded please check!

  7. Reaper91698 says:

    Last years away was the best jersey they ever had in my opinion!

  8. OddFuture1017BSM says:

    wheres the alternate?

  9. MrTheCzarny says:

    Poland Pany !

  10. sajdsjdsjkgds says:

    yes i’m american therefore i know shit about football…so that’s why i support any team that wins cause i know shit about football

  11. farhadcarl619 says:

    care free! where ever you may be we are the famous cfc and we don’t give a fuck on whoever you may be cause we are the famous CFC!!!

  12. tepig11 says:

    wtf?!?! u cant support that many teams just support your main team man city

  13. 19979999 says:

    Even if you are a glory hunter you are disgraceful

  14. CryptoClient says:

    The keeper’s kit was announced with the home kit, its green and gold!

  15. naif mosibeeh says:

    No keepers kit ?????

  16. sajdsjdsjkgds says:

    yes i know it’s because i’m american..like all americans we know shit about soccer..that’s why americans all support uefalona and real madrid because we’re all fat big mac eating glory hinting bastards..

  17. brightlights456X says:

    You’re so right. The guy supports all the top teams….joker.

  18. 19979999 says:

    Sorry but I don’t mean to offend you, but that’s basically impossible and you are a disgrace to all football supporters.

  19. kidvicer says:

    Glory hunter much???

  20. sajdsjdsjkgds says:

    i support man city mainly but i also my other clubs are united, chelsea, real madrid and barcelona…

  21. NoerJanah says:

    look good but i like the home one better

  22. takers786 says:

    Torres is sooo cute <3 😀

  23. Barcaboy1000 says:

    Wtf it looks like the Guatemala Kit -__-

  24. 42underscored says:

    I agree.

  25. supermorshu says:

    Wheres the CL star? Like the Barcelona kit.

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