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  1. kontaki27 says:

    sign Neymar now. i want him out of Brazil even though im Brazilian.

  2. gregzythatsme says:

    Damn it why does Chelsea Tv have to be so much more interesting than MUFCTV…

  3. josefakororua26 says:

    me thinking about hazard working with our little man mata is just gonna me AWASOME,….skeet skeet skeet, no homo

  4. BigshipRecordsPage says:

    oh ok thanks bro

  5. BlueArmyChelsea says:

    Our CL campaign : /watch?v=X9ys8rsvXtg

  6. SticcS52 says:

    yea long time man.. he was on loan to arsenal from chelsea

  7. Speechless7Fashions says:

    long time biggzz……

  8. BigshipRecordsPage says:

    WTF is that true that benayoun is signed to chelsea?

  9. IMadLarkin says:


  10. NinOOceaN says:

    it’s officially guys!! hazard is blue <333

  11. jackmilo89 says:

    Hazard signing confirmed very soon guys 🙂

  12. numbtesticle says:

    what’s her name?:)

  13. Jellie91 says:

    He was with Arsenal on a one-season loan spell

  14. beastventura says:

    benayoun is still in the blues ??? i thought he was transferred to arsenal ??? the ground is much dusty right now, so i hope artificial grass carpets are kept there, but as a chelsea fan i hav a curiousity of what the workers are exactly doing back there ???

  15. deathbringerfromsky7 says:

    yes, but there is too many forein players, sturridge, chalobah, mceachran, bertrand, hutchinson should get more chances, and we already have de bruyne, bruma… so we dont need do debele no any other player more. please share this, we must stop forein players coming into club, cos meanwhile we have so many talented youngsters! help me and SHARE this!

  16. sulejman15 says:

    who’s this geezer

  17. sm2481 says:

    “he’s obviously going for Loserpool players.”- All Hodgson has to do now is call up JAMIE CARRAGHER and the scouse brigade will be complete. What a shambles.

  18. sm2481 says:

    Calm Down. Dembele will never be a replacement for Frank. His agent can go on hoping however. Moussa Dembele is a workhorse though. Doesn’t lose possession, CAN DRIBBLE. Probably be a squad player at Chelsea.

  19. Amse94 says:

    listen mate no matter how much bullshit you throw you will never convince me or other thousands of england supporters… i mean he picked a team that makes no sense at all… Gerrard captain over Frank Lampard before he got injured? that’s pathetic, considering Gerrard is no way near as good as he use to be. Glen Johnson over Micah Richards?? that’s weak… if he wants to play defensive then why did he choose Glen Johnson? the guy is crap at defending so please shut up and don’t talk shit.

  20. jackmilo89 says:

    I have and you never replied.

  21. Amse94 says:

    i did check again…

  22. BoyyInDetention says:

    Argh damn, i never got to see them 🙁

  23. jackmilo89 says:

    You didnt reply to me.

  24. Amse94 says:

    what do you mean?

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