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  1. DjLaslau says:

    People needa calm down.

  2. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    who????? no way

  3. topdogrlg says:

    What support you ask? The Premier League wouldn’t be as rich as it is without the tv deals they have with networks around the world. No money = clubs with no money to spend = no world class players = a crap league. Just ask Scotland asshole. It’s everyone’s right as a fan to get excited about players that could come in and and improve the squad. And with players coming in there must be players leaving, that’s how you keep the team fresh. BTW it’s very fun to curse in Afrikaans 🙂

  4. nyankips says:

    So you have to use other languages to express your feelings?
    “Without the support from fans around the world” – What support? You mean the keyboard bashing everyday from supposed “fans” who always seem to know what’s best for the club when they’ve never even attended a game? Support comes from being there.

  5. dermonater1 says:

    Look, chelsea are a bit stupid when it comes to transfers… Buying Victor Moses would be stupid, id say, ramires, malouda, de bruyne, hazard, mata, and marin are all better in that position!? So if they want to get a winger, they need to either get Hulk, or no one. As for strikers, Rondon would be good, but then we probably need to get rid or sturridge or lukaku. This would give us half the money would pay for Hulk anyway? Which he could play in strike if we need?

  6. idonotbelonghere88 says:

    People please stop and keep your thoughts for yourselves. It is this gossip and useless talk fault that we are losing Torres. His confidence is devastated because of that. We have to be by our team’s side whether we like what is happening or not.
    God bless everybody in Chelsea and all the other teams. I apologise to all of those who’ve been insulted because of football discussions. We should be good sports not hooligans.

  7. NzKya says:

    sturridge should be leaving

  8. topdogrlg says:

    How bout you stop being a prick… Chelsea fans in Africa probably out number the fans in England 5 to 1. Without the support from fans around the world the English Premier League wouldn’t be what it is, so are you going to tell all the foreign Chelsea fans that they don’t have the right to support them? I’ve supported that team for almost 10 years so you don’t have the right to say I don’t have the right to voice my opinion on who Chelsea should buy or sell, poes gesig…

  9. hulkchelsea12 says:


  10. socool34534 says:

    you siad “drogba left and you people are thinking about hulk????”….what do you want us to do cry and weep and not think about the future, or think about trying to replace him with someone else

  11. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    but you said we need to replace him and a good player like drogba can not be replaced .

  12. nyankips says:

    Oh really? How about you stop being a glory hunter and go and support a team you can actually cheer on, then?

  13. socool34534 says:

    no one said he was better

  14. topdogrlg says:

    Ramires actually cost 18 million pounds… Hazard has been the french player of the year for 2 seasons straight, I know that the Ligue 1 isn’t the best but that’s still an amazing achievement. I guarantee you he will start when he is fit. If Hulk doesn’t sign for Chelsea I will be perfectly happy with Ramires on the right wing…

  15. yr06jcrawley says:

    Ramires was 26 million either way it will look bad. Ramires was one of our best players last season and you are suggesting we ditch him for someone who will have a tough time adjusting to english football at the young age of 21. They should share time on the pitch 50/50 I’d say…but it all depends on how good Mr. Hazard will be this season.

  16. gimmiesomelove9 says:

    i dont think hulk is better then drogba 

  17. topdogrlg says:

    I also thought he was English but he is a Nigerian international

  18. topdogrlg says:

    I forgot about Romeu and Mceachran! 6 midfielders battling out for 2 starting positions? That just doesn’t make sense… Sell 2 and free up some funds for a proper right back I think. Moutinho is still top quality, if we wanted to bring in Modric than why not Moutinho instead? Cheaper and actually better IMO

  19. topdogrlg says:

    32 million for a benchwarmer? I know Chelsea is clueless when it comes to transfers most of the time but I will give them more credit than you are giving them…

  20. MrKupusnaPasteta says:


  21. lKaizen says:

    But Moses is English and Chelsea need more of them

  22. crizeake11 says:

    But I thought the malaysians already beat us to the stadium ?

  23. MistaRayman says:

    I love the new Chelsea stadium photos. It is rectangular, very much like Stamford Bridge. I back the new stadium. I back our club growth. I sure hope we can beat the Malaysians.

  24. bhuzify says:

    and sturridge too

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