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  1. CrunchyMind says:

    1:50 FINALLY 2 ears!!

  2. Maria-Magdalena Mus says:

    his laugh *______* <3

  3. PvpowerMr says:

    this year was the year! 🙂

  4. llamafads says:

    im not. buffon is in 2006 form this year so I don’t know whats so funny 😛

  5. Kentmwokoz says:

    Cech is the freaking goal keeping legend in chelsea…… luv u

  6. norskmw2proff says:

    still, dosent feel right that he wont play

  7. MrThekilla882 says:

    no Torres goal was just to make sure we got trough Ramirez goal is what goes us past barca

  8. MrThekilla882 says:

    yes he can he wont play but he will be able to lift the trophy and get his medal

  9. arturff8cfc says:

    Cech *—*

  10. michtorg1 says:

    Hahaha 😛

  11. drew mcpherson says:

    terry will be the first captain to lift the champions league trophy wearing a suit

  12. Dubi95 says:

    Funny guy 😉

  13. Akuu77 says:

    sanchez had probably a sore ass as it hurted so much when terry kneed him. Probably been takin too much cock in the butt before the game.

  14. norskmw2proff says:

    it dosent feel right that terry cant join us when we win the champ league 🙁

  15. 2and21 says:

    his english is topnotch, smart guy

  16. theaniesya says:

    I bought adidas perfume coz of petr (malaysian fans)

  17. ccy112233 says:

    Look at Juventus,they are trying to finish the challenge which Arsenal did.Buffon is also a great goalkeeper until now.

  18. marbleman27 says:

    gotta love that Petr

  19. wirlwirlwirl says:

    lol buffon over casillas xd you must be living in 2006

  20. xreaagax says:

    totally true! hes awesome! he rocked!

  21. spykp says:

    This guy is the one that all Chelsea fans have to thank for getting through Barcelona. Epic goalkeeping in both games.

  22. ccy112233 says:

    And Cech use left feet.

  23. getalifeps3owner says:

    Good luck in the final we are behind you

  24. frangooni1 says:

    top banter

  25. 93Bigbrown says:

    “My name is Petr Cech and I helped my team move on to the finale 2012!!!”

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