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  1. crowyard says:

    You sexist bastard I’m gona report you to the police LOL

  2. inTHEwrongGENERATION says:

    Grow some pubes have sex and you will love them.

  3. prakobben says:

    stop stop stop 55555

  4. Aareezoo says:

    Don’t worry.

    Women hate fuckin gay men too!

  5. BoSsMaaN101 says:

    I hate FUKIN WOMEN, there such fukin begs pretending like they watch football, look at the raw emotion by the men at 3:05 and look at her trying to celebrate at 3:06 stick to cookin bitches

  6. FrankLampardd08 says:

    Can some1 explain to me why “GET IN THERE” is so over used. The black guy said it when Olic missed his penalty, and the retarded guy said it after we won lol.

  7. 1harmpie says:

    haha really funny

  8. U7121 says:

    3:09 RAPE ON THE LEFT!

  9. SchoolkidStudios says:

    Anybody else get nervous again whilst watching?

  10. 11drogbacfc says:

    I love how the guy just snaps and just goes, SHUT SHUT, SHUT UP! haha that was hilarious

  11. antonio dicristo says:

    God save cech

  12. ChelseaFCCommunity says:

    your comment made me cry 🙂

  13. zhahill says:

    Don’t forget…LOL

  14. sahil58 says:

    Unforgettable night! :D

  15. svublues26 says:

    so great :D my reactions were exactly the same

  16. AceHalford says:

    What an ass…….he dissed Torres! Well not diss but still, not fair for him yo

  17. tzooh says:

    btw, come next year eden hazard, marin, with an on form torres, chelsea will be dynamite like real madrid. HALA MADRID, and BLUE IS THE COLOUR. My two favourite teams

  18. tzooh says:

    the one thing about football/soccer is that when your team wins, the money the players get paid, the revenue the club receives and the trophy they win will never come to the supporters, but the joy that fills your heart when you see your team winning is a billion times better than the money, revenue, and trophies

  19. Ryan Veyr says:

    im an american chelsea fan and i went as crazy as they did when Drogba scored that penalty lol

  20. 51e1 says:

    Who are these people ?

  21. orriblebob says:

    I know He was, thank you for your lovely comment.

  22. teambringit619 says:

    your dad was watching from heaven and i know he had a smile on his face

  23. digitalbath84 says:

    This still brings a sweet tear to the eye, it was our DESTINY, & we are the European Champions.
    Fulham Road was buzzing electric blue, so proud to be a part of that great evening. The streets were packed, a sea of blue jubliant fans. Thank you Didier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. FOOTYanalyser says:

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  25. FOOTYanalyser says:

    check my john terry raping player and andrea pirlo chip-penalty vs england vid

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