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  1. IIiLusionz says:

    Di Matteo reminds me of a turtle.

  2. steve roberts says:

    its biscuits you retard

  3. steve roberts says:

    Really? i thought it was drogba

  4. MrWiraAdiputra says:

    HAHAHHAh totally get it.but i dont think thats sugar

  5. Tommycool47 says:

    lol @ drogba, bringing the extra sugar for the coffee

  6. kofiosae says:

    essien seems to always be doing somthing retard ike behind the scences

  7. timocoolful says:

    the first minute of the video i can already imagine the director of this video how good roberto handling as the chelsea manager and how the players are very happy and very pumped to be managed by di matteo

  8. MultiJaMeZzZ says:

    yeah, maybe terry or drogba but drogba is black.

  9. bagzimkd says:

    i did.cuz there’s no player in chelsea that is that tall as cech is!

  10. BaconSnatcher says:

    lol at 0:59 the old man blinks every time he takes a picture hahaha

  11. MultiJaMeZzZ says:

    first of all, i did and i would any day. but most people wouldn’t recognize him with glasses and with out his head protective gear on

  12. adam lolz says:

    petr cech he wears glasses how would somebody not realise him

  13. kaokiki94 says:

    how is talking french???

  14. MultiJaMeZzZ says:

    coolio :)

  15. Amnoisia says:

    i was like who is that and then i realised it was cech :p

  16. 111ashleyc says:

    if you look at his hands, he’s holding two things in each one
    so how would he be able to?

  17. webparkz says:

    Mata Can’t Stop hitting the Post

  18. killer8781 says:

    lol ramires 

  19. MultiJaMeZzZ says:

    no. thats an insult

  20. JosephBruk14Chelsea says:

    easy… it’s Sheldon.

  21. RebuiltToShine says:

    Hahahahha Oriol: Do you like spanish lessons? 😀

  22. Ioandiradan says:

    Im big fan to chelsea 🙂

  23. Quang Truong says:

    good talent sturridge

  24. 9gga1 says:

    indeed, hahaa

  25. MufasaCub says:

    I’ve noticed that most of mata’s free kicks hit the left bar

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