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  1. trapexz says:

    Hahaha, me too lol

  2. respectsince86 says:

    So Fernando does sometimes score then?

  3. lelux98 says:

    I would cry too if I get a kiss from Torres. And I’m a man.

  4. JoeyJarrett28 says:

    Torres if you teach me how to hit on girls like that i’ll teach you how too hit the back of the net.

  5. FR7JB9 says:

    teach me and i teach you gow to hit the goal

  6. Rocio98ful says:

    you sexy beast torress! YOU ARE AMAZING 😀

  7. Redbull85502 says:

    Oooooh my God !!! I want to be that girl, just for that 2 seconds *_*
    Why do i have to live in Austria ? :OOOO

  8. ishackevin says:

    If only i could find all the articles when Torres scored against Chelsea. Show how much of hypocrites you Chelsea fans are.

  9. mfatima91 says:

    I would faint if I get a kiss from Torres! <3

  10. DrSamuelLoomis says:

    u sure?

  11. Foxus1996 says:

    аеаеаеае Torres you the Best))))) !!!

  12. sweeeetmuffin says:

    2:26-2:37 hahahahaha ♥

  13. hundredpercentx says:

    this only has views cos of torres, thats why its right at the end

  14. SigneKristin says:

    3:58 So fucking hot!!

  15. orelibytoday says:

    sorry i see ))

  16. orelibytoday says:

    he just hug her, when did he kiss her?

  17. NordProductions says:

    I would have the same reaction as that girl if i met Torres.. and i’m a heterosexual guy

  18. LFCftw63 says:

    there’s a word called sarcasm

  19. BiebersShawtyx33 says:

    ughh ronaldinho is the ugliest man on the world lmao. torres is pretty.

  20. STRAP91 says:

    what’s the reason?

  21. Heffat95 says:

    omg she got kissed by Torres I would of passed out if I was that girl…

  22. TheMzeko says:

    :*:* <3 🙂 Chelseaa <3<3 :D:D:D

  23. Nazhussain07 says:

    Drake is a glory hunter and an idiot

  24. teambringit619 says:

    i thought drake was a United fan?

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