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  1. Mythicalcurse says:

    Pep plays better football though. Mou is still quite a defensive manager. Honestly though i’d be happy with any of: Mou, Pep, Klopp, Bielsa and Loew. I wouldn’t mind Benitez either but i’d prefer the above.

  2. VClarkchelsea says:

    That your Personal choice, but Jose Mourinho the one most people want , truly special , no comparison to Jose Mourinho.

  3. Mythicalcurse says:

    No we don’t. Personally, I want Guardiola. He’d be perfect. I doubt he’ll join though, I recken he’ll do another year at Barcelona to win back La Liga.

  4. REDstrawbrry13 says:

    can we just stick with di matteo for a while?

  5. Shubash98 says:

    I just said it because you spelt his name wrong :p

  6. Bullet94i says:

    i dont know you, but must be a very ignorant person to say these things…

  7. NLWK110710 says:

    You’re either very young, or you only recently starting watching Football, Eddie Newton was a former Chelsea midfielder, who played for the club durinng the 90’s along with current interim manager Roberto di Matteo.

  8. NLWK110710 says:

    No that beauty is still there, thank goodness.

  9. TheKalahariCaveman says:

    PLEASE BRING BACK MOURINHO! There isn’t 1 chelsea fan I know who doesn’t want him back. Mr Abromovich and co, we all want Mourinho and we want him to stay, even if we don’t win a trophy!

  10. DreamFamm says:

    At a home game the fans should chant ” BRIND BACK MOURINHO BRING BACK MOURINHO !!! “

  11. N7J098 says:

    your a wanker who needs shot end off

  12. AdzCFC says:


  13. Bullet94i says:

    ahah,sorry but i like Chelsea and his players.Just because i said nigga doesnt mean that im what u said.In fact he is nigga not pink,so why the problem?
    Realy hope he does a good job, bcase i think he his a shit :

  14. jmceachful says:

    Top bloke

  15. MrBroadSmile says:

    ITS LIKE A FAIRY TALE STORY!!! One night getting the kids ready for school for the next day like any other ordinary DAD and the next minute u get a call to help coach some of the best players in the world at one of the biggest teams in the world CHELSEA FC!!!! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!!!!

  16. cheelseaoldskool says:

    Lchelsea41 your name indicates your chelsea but you ask who is eddie newton?
    joking yea

  17. Lchelsea41 says:

    HEY who eddie newton?

  18. ghantisanjay says:

    Eddie Newton looks like Franklin C-Note of Prison Break.Thumbs up if u agree.:D

  19. xNzzyz says:

    as i remember our ceo said that avb could be chelsea manager in 13years just lika SAF.. and now what ?..

  20. cfcallday95 says:

    yes but still not that great of a manager. was sacked by west brom don’t forget

  21. MrOlbbj5 says:


  22. MrOlbbj5 says:


  23. harryspooner says:

    Why shoud i still keep my faith on roman?? if he thinks he can do better, let him try his hand at management :

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