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  1. Chelsea Football Club says:

    Remember when the first team took on the Under-8s? #CFC 

  2. Chelsea Football Club says:

    Classic John Terry goal! 

  3. marly qq says:

    so which side does torres play in

  4. OfficiaLUCCA says:

    Please can you post more videos like the Manchester City, I love chelsea
    and the more I see the better! Maybe a tunnel cam or training each time
    etc, the videos are so short on here :(

  5. Liam says:

    Fun fact: if we win our next 7 games, we win the Premier League and
    Champions League. CAN WE DO IT? come on chels!

  6. mrvideouploads1 says:

    dats what gonna happen against athleticore madrid……

  7. American Outlaw says:

    who makes tomorrow’s starting 11 vs Sunderland?

  8. Natalie Brent says:

    00:43 David Luiz :D

  9. ShowOffPunkPL says:

    Chelsea for the winner Champions League!

  10. Roberto Orejel says:

    Torres still couldn’t score. 

  11. ChelseaFCMario says:

    What was the final score? lol

  12. genericwit says:

    That header goal was brilliant. All of this was really cute, and it looks
    like the kids had a good time! David Luiz is so good with them, especially.
    In every video where he’s with kids, he seems to be having a good time.

  13. TheBlooRayChannel says:

    I bet Torres missed lol no disrespect he’s a great guy hit by rotten luck
    at Chelsea.

  14. sorankurdi says:

    I wish had the chance to play for Chelsea academy as a kid, oh well if
    wishes were fishes then the world would be an ocean lol 

  15. wertrocks123 says:


  16. Ryan Tham says:

    That goal tho

  17. totallyrandom1714 says:


  18. Nima Bordbari says:

    Ahhh i wish arsenal was like that

  19. dre don says:

    Lovely! That run from the kid in the Santa Claus hat was amazing!

  20. Viktor M. says:

    Future Legends:) KTBFFH

  21. jeremia sintong says:

    John Terry scored an amazing goal, Lol with an assist from David Luiz

  22. TheRenosree says:

    Great to see these great players enjoying some time with the youngsters,
    and what a goal from that young lad, hahahahah!

  23. lazer1235 says:

    awkward moment when torres still couldn’t score

  24. FlashScores.co.uk says:

    #Chelsea first team giving the youngsters a run for their money!

  25. Di Drogba says:

    Fun game

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