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  1. ilsamiri7 says:

    Can’t think of anything worse? HESKEY JOINING CHELSEA.

  2. rhinol013 says:

    If he was still at bolton, he would be relegated, but no, he’s in a champions league final. One question…What the fuck was he doing at bolton?! Props to chelsea. Wish we signed him instead.

  3. sajdsjdsjkgds says:

    just because he scored a hat trick you think he’s the torres that we used to know?

  4. sajdsjdsjkgds says:

    i wonder what would happen if suarez played for chelsea..lol

  5. YoungKoolness17 says:

    Sam Hutchinson must be pretty good to have chelsea welcome him back, lets hope he stays with us for many years, improving i’m sure chelsea rate him well

  6. EliteUKMeathead says:


  7. channelname28 says:

    Who is the other guy?

  8. MrOlbbj5 says:

    I wonder what made you mad… well cool off and KTBFFH.

  9. smokeycrowley says:

    Lol good song

  10. ghantisanjay says:

    One 6-1 done yesterday.!!
    Another 6-1 to be done tonight.!!
    If you guys know what I mean.:D

  11. Jamessiz14 says:


  12. yuvalaloni1 says:

    He amazed us at Wembley!
    He got a win over the best team in the world!
    He made Torres score his first hat-trick in 2 and a half years!


  13. MrOlbbj5 says:

    Torres was spotted outside Cobham singing this song :D /watch?v=ZSK9kkM7GL4

  14. nati22 says:

    0:41 “I don’t, I’ve never heard it before”…a few seconds later “oh that’s the only bit I know..” lol

  15. tmrialv says:

    why do we wanna play like barcelona if we beat them? Fuck GUARDIOLA

  16. chelseaforever10 says:


  17. Arlossa says:

    he was, but there would have been way more talented players to buy. just think of reus or kagawa

  18. MikeMallorca2010 says:

    so yahoo is your source… seems legit…

  19. hittmann177 says:

    For people saying sell Kalou can eat a dick he works his socks of for his team and is a good rotation player

  20. mish3lovic says:

    but the game that really decides who goes to CL next year is bayern vs chelsea.

  21. allymohaz says:

    Sam Hutchinson #27 has talent. Di Matteo should give him more minutes in the second half against Newcastle. His movement and game reading is great!! Who needs new signings at the back when you have him and Chelobah!!

  22. Maf Rahman says:

    Thumbs up if you think Roberto Di Matteo should be our manager!

  23. saturmv1 says:

    LOL when Malouda hit the Big Screen at the end of the match LOL even he smiled 🙂

  24. TheVokality says:

    Torres Haters were talking so much shit a couple of months ago… Now they are cheering for him! Only Torres; Changing Haters To Lovers since 2011

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