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  1. DarraghC152 says:

    Mark hoppus is a Chelsea fan…Oh yeah!

  2. guitarpsychobilly says:

    holy shit. hearing mark hoppus saying that he loves drogba, makes me like him even more.

  3. Ian8sg says:

    he’s a dude

  4. scotte hud says:

    I was with him, until he showed what a yank he is.
    “get rid of the draw” …p!ss off!

  5. wrathsy13 says:

    an american who doesn’t say soccer, give this bloke a knighthood

  6. mikekriweL says:


  7. Cr4nium13 says:

    OMFG OMFG I sat in that chair that Mark Sat in last year!! Went stamford bridge on a school trip Oh sweet jesus lol I’m going to far. DEATH

  8. Cr4nium13 says:

    I’m going to see blink tomorrow =D Love Chelsea Aswell BTW lol

  9. glosolalias says:

    Mark Hoppus is suporting Chelsea too! Maybe becoz there’s his band mate (Mereiles)as Travis barker!

  10. SystemXpander says:

    Good god i remember listening to blink back in 00/01 (when they were in their prime) and watching them on tv, seeing them live, etc….holy shit never would i have imagined mark ever looking how he does now. God dam hes fucking old looking. And even for 40 it doesnt look like he ages well. Travis and tom look a lot better for their ages than mark does thats for sure.

  11. akintunde1983 says:

    love the dance by drogba

  12. BlinkMessi182 says:

    I think I’m going to faint

  13. MentalFlowertot says:


  14. MaybeJust2Weeks2Live says:

    i don’t actually know or care about anything to do with football i’m just here for mark

  15. hizamihalik says:

    extremely glad to be Chelsea fans.

  16. Francische33 says:

    Drogba’s a chelsea legend

  17. ObiTeninch says:

    I’m so jealous, bro. Have a great time and GO DYNAMO!!!!!

  18. chonichon07 says:

    I get you man, I love all football/soccer in general. I do wish for the beautiful game to grow here in the U.S. No other game can compare!

  19. uh04 says:

    Yeah man the New Stadium is GORGEOUS!!! “EUROPEAN STYLE”….I’m a season ticket holder for the Dynamo & I love going to the games at BBVA COMPASS STADIUM!!! HOME OF THE HOUSTON DYNAMO!!! The Game day atmosphere is awesome!!!

    Dynamo hosting a friendly with Valencia CF of Spain La Liga on Thursday 5/31/12 @BBVA COMPASS STADIUM….Can’t wait to go to the game!!!

  20. uh04 says:

    Fair enough, yeah props to you for not jumping on the LA Galaxy David Beckham Bandwagon….Which MY Houston Dynamo whooped 2-1 this past weekend…lol. There’s also Chivas USA & San Jose Earthquakes of MLS in Cali….not to mention some 2nd division clubs also in the Cali area…..MLS is America’s First Division league, USL & NASL is the 2nd division. They may not be as glamorous & filthy rich as the EPL, but, these guys play hard & have a lot of heart, soul & passion for the beautiful game.

  21. Ikkauku206 says:

    I live in Seattle but I don’t have fox soccer. I just watch Chelsea games on the internet. I do like the Sounders but not enough to watch their games lol

  22. F1RickyC says:

    shame, you’ll never find any 🙂

  23. Disappearing0124Boy says:


  24. Disappearing0124Boy says:

    No, he has been a CFC supporter for quite sometime now.

  25. MartinFanatic97 says:

    That blonde who was taking Mark’s picture was Skye?

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