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  1. Kieran Van Der Wal says:

    He’s joining to boss in the CHELSEA team

  2. Gabbana Dutti says:

    haha.. Hakuna Matata song.

  3. Bastien Delécluse says:

    Hero he will be, at CFC !

  4. Mel0wzh says:

    How do you get so big at only 18??

  5. CookieMonstah! says:

    Who’s dick? Yours? Pretty all Man Poo fans don’t have dicks

  6. Ian Horgo says:

    Fucking idiot, im a Liverpool fan, retard.

  7. Badhri Ganapathy says:


  8. pynkcow15 says:

    God if chelsea buy cavani and we have torres… Lukaku is never gonna get a
    game if we gave this guy 3 90min matches i bet he would be on starting 11.

  9. Dylan Reedy says:

    This faggot can’t sing when he does sing it sounds like he is getting but
    raped by a fish

  10. ElSatore says:

    0:02 The boss face!

  11. Fung James says:

    I thought for a while, and it was like, ” Hey, wait a minute.” Then I
    realised it was Lion King.

  12. ChesterGash says:


  13. ipster76 says:

    he most definitely would not…

  14. SNF2000 says:

    no there away kit is the best !!!

  15. VitilloFernandez says:

    @pynkcow15 He is on loan to WestBrom

  16. Dimos Psaropoulos sergiodim says:

    the new drogba

  17. Kieran Van Der Wal says:

    Get him off his loan mouriniho he’s one of best strikers in league

  18. Eddie Jackson says:


  19. wertrocks123 says:

    Hate to break it to you but Sturridge is a done deal, he’s fit again and
    wasn’t even on the bench tonight. That fits our policy perfectly, remember
    Alex the season before last?? he got frozen out the team until January,
    same thing with Sturridge

  20. radikali1989 says:

    The Lion King 😀

  21. jacobgoulbourn says:

    He’ll never be as good as the drogba

  22. Alex Zymeri says:

    GREAT PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mats Tellefsen says:

    The kid at 1:27 got to be Gavroche from Le Mis, no?

  24. Seán Devlin says:

    shuit up gay boy

  25. Ciaran Smith says:

    it’s not supposed to be grand witty comedy dumbass. if you can’t get the
    appeal of a quick casual laugh than i feel pity for you boring-ass life.

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