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  1. mexicoDF619 says:


  2. JatexTC says:

    #9: Sidwell……..Tht’s not Torres… *saw Torres in Euro Cup* ah…no wonder =P

  3. SuperRIBASH says:

    if he wanted money he wouldve gone to real or barca- but he ruled them out cuz he sed he wanted to play in a better league. Hazard wants to play football, that’s the truth

  4. Struan Wilkinson says:

    OK but you don’t speak English very well…

  5. getalifeps3owner says:

    Thought we got rid of you AVB…

  6. xytheon says:

    Not really a sale now is it? He went for the cash even though he knew he’ be a lot more likely to win trophies here than with the scousers.

  7. xytheon says:

    You don’t Chelsea would’ve renewed his contract if he didn’t demand £90k a week for just being injured and unfit whenever he was not injured? The club did the right thing by not letting him have it his own way. He should have taken a reduce of salary like a man and proved his club loyalty. Instead he went to the fucking scouser scums.

  8. strawhatgunz says:

    i dont know who you are but your mum shouldnt give birth to you.. such a shame you are born in this world.. retarded arse..

  9. leebo130 says:

    lol Beckham got owned

  10. Lostprophetzzz says:

    you are aware that Man City and Real Madrid were offering him MORE money right?
    of course you aren’t…
    you’re too retarded to spell “nothing” let-alone read the news.

  11. Moses Best says:

    Wel am gana say team wrk is d best…it a club nt an office wer u sit nd mk moni. Cum 2geda nd tink of a beta idea. 1 mistake wil affect d club. D blues 4 real.

  12. 89UncleSam says:

    Welcome to United States.

  13. alkazapper says:

    Dude~~ .. Hazard is getting 170k a week!? .. u daft? No doubt Hazard is of a good talent, and great addition to Chelsea FC. But Joe Cole is Joe Cole.. the reason he was denied a new contract is because he was injury prone. U best evaluate all aspect of the factors before making assumption. Besides, he only ask for 90k per week. Other players were getting twice that number.. sheesh..

  14. jamesthewizard98 says:

    i think you’ll find that Ancelotti sold him to Liverpool as his contract ran out, coincidence that as soon as he left Chelsea lost the premier league and the fa cup

  15. chelsy205 says:

    ‘I’m not gonna say who I am but…’ comment by jimmy jobson. FAIL

  16. YMCA123BoB says:

    Why dont u just fuck off you retard

  17. guttycardozo says:

    oo sakit

  18. tinga75 says:


  19. StarwarsGeneral says:

    Not really a traitor, that scumbag Ancelotti won’t get his contract extended…. then he joins Liverpool…

  20. StarwarsGeneral says:

    didn’t know that LOL, peace :p

  21. xytheon says:

    It helps, but still a traitor.

  22. xytheon says:

    Really? Because I seem to remember him wanting £90k a week, refusing to take anything less. Then he went to the scousers. A traitor. Sweet talking Hazard into coming here helps out, but it is what it is. I used to love him, I though he loved the club, but I guess money comes first.

  23. lowkaixuan01 says:

    Oohhh and i speak marshian too. Bet you never knew that. He came here cos Chelsea are winners. And waddya work as? A chelsea hater? Go fuck yourself.

  24. westlife2cfc says:

    Mate, people have to be extremely thick to believe you. Also extremely dumb to give you a job; your punctuality is terrible!

  25. fischerfish says:

    I still love Joe. Brilliant for us. Legend. Hardly remember Sidwell playing in that match.

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