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  1. SoccerCampsEurope says:

    You will learn what is done at Chelsea Academy, these are summer camps only

  2. xXTurrckXx says:

    Can you actually make the youth reserve team???

  3. SoccerCampsEurope says:

    there is no guarantees on seeing the first team and meeting with the players.

  4. DiezelBeats1234 says:

    and will we get to see the first team train or meet some of the first team?

  5. SoccerCampsEurope says:

    Chelsea camp is only for boys, for girls we offer the Manchester United Soccer Schools or Espanyol Barcelona camp, you can find them on our website.

  6. DiezelBeats1234 says:

    Will the camp for a 16 year old include girls? or are they seperate?

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