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  1. sinfielddub says:

    what league is this in?

  2. vaibhav chavda says:

    The mask! Torres is in his best form.


    why don’t you want to shut up and suck my dick?

  4. Maryo Brito says:

    tooooooooooooooooooooooooorres el matador

  5. Harry Del Mar says:

    Torres looks like zorro

  6. onatsonmez98 says:

    Torres is the worst foward player ever. These two goals were scored because he is lucky

  7. Rufat man says:

    нет просто мы немного обосрались,я та нет, а вот рубин да((((((((( и во 2 игре тоже,а вот как мужики стали играть с 55 минуты,уже в москве

  8. KasabianFan44 says:

    We finally have the right Torres in our team! 😀

  9. TheAygs says:

    you are living in your own reality.

  10. datphung0112 says:

    Torres is a hero go back from Chelsea

  11. neto santos says:

    Torres the man of power

  12. MEHDI MUSLIM says:

    ebal ia tvaiu cranoiu racio v rot naxyi!!ctrana alkashei i practitutok!!

  13. Alex Zakharov says:

    I would love watch you saying that to some Russian fans (:

  14. dbgtr4ng3r says:

    Maybe its the mask

  15. Alanviation says:

    Basketball= bitchball

  16. Alanviation says:

    Fuck americans , fuck off with your b ball u dont know anything about football. Bitchball

  17. phillip kang says:

    he did revive!!!!

  18. awery azer says:

    id like to see your fuckin gay ass score 2 goals against professional footballers. maybe then we will see who is crap. i advise you to eat you crap and take your fuckin gay ass pussing off. basterd

  19. MEHDI MUSLIM says:

    fuck russia

  20. Strahinja Maricic says:

    a perfect describe how I feel when torres scores 😀

  21. TheBestOfCoDTheGame says:

    its not torres behind that mask…

  22. charliedrogba says:

    Lmfao. Spurs going out of cup, adeybayore skies his pen over the bar. Priceless, what a useless cu……………

  23. 1995alexMAN says:

    I guess his never taking it off

  24. probom17 says:

    Love you

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