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  1. redy prasetya says:


  2. erni hate says:

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  3. Farhan Izani says:


  4. Farhan Izani says:

    Way to gooo

  5. h banky says:

    the commentator said that Eto’o and Cole dont like each other, i wonder how
    true is that? saw them hugging at second goal

  6. Jr Koka says:

    I Love Mourinho

  7. Robith Ardhian says:

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  8. Nishu Afobunor says:

    we played like champions in this game. can’t wait for the game against
    steaua at home. we’re going to rape them. and basel we’re getting revenge

  9. Nishu Afobunor says:

    maybe we should move oscar and ramires to striker lol. and hazard,
    schurrle, maa can stay in attacking mid for us lol

  10. TheoO18 says:

    you are a complete retard !

  11. Nate Sapia says:

    that doesn’t even make sense…

  12. Calum Barlow says:

    surly surly surly

  13. Presekaman says:

    Sniper shot 😀

  14. Max says:

    Stupid fucking useless Romanian gypsies

  15. ahmad ramadhan says:

    Chelsea has great midfielders and they always score goals, bravo!!!

  16. maksiq chelsea says:


  17. Georgian Andrei says:

    and i said that the steaua’s fans wouldn’t have reacted on this way if
    Steaua won .

  18. SW69CA says:

    I know Romanians very well but specially those of Bucharest, they will
    curse at you when they disagree or when their team beats another. You’re
    taking their side because you’re one of them!

  19. SW69CA says:

    winning 4-0 on a road game is not exactly as you’re saying sucker team.
    They’re actually very good!

  20. Georgian Andrei says:

    no , their fans didn’t reacted on that way , for sure . And yes , Steaua is
    a weak team , her place is in Europa League and about the Steaua’s players
    or staff …they didn’t have a lot of experience in this league and , to be
    honest , are much weaker than Chelsea’s players and staff. Anyway ,
    congrats for Chelsea , they have real chances to win UCL , but the fans
    should be more educated because this is the key for a real success . We
    need to be firstly people and then fans .

  21. SW69CA says:

    You guys won but your comment is classless

  22. SW69CA says:

    Georgian, I agree with you on Chelsea fans’ reaction, some of them were
    classless but i’m saying Steaua’s fans would have reacted the same way had
    Steaua won!

  23. SW69CA says:

    How did Steaua get to this point?

  24. SW69CA says:

    Looks like one of the Chelsea players had a red jersey on, autogoal!

  25. SW69CA says:

    Georgian, Had Steaua won the game their fans would have reacted the same
    way so let’s be real. Steaua is not a good enough team to play in this
    league and one of your players scored against his own team and what you say
    to that?

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