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  1. mano solo says:


  2. mano solo says:


  3. NorthDawn says:

    Be A King retard…

  4. shaffi hussein says:

    check my channel for a eden hazard video

  5. IdenticSportTv says:

    lad dir shazam runter du dummes stück scheiße

  6. toby baring says:

    Hazard has low center of gravity, bit like messi

  7. B34Tgeeman24 says:

    omfg. BE A KING its in the damn title

  8. TheHorus471 says:

    Who else muted it because of extremely shitty song.

  9. TheHorus471 says:

    Not a pinpoint pass at all.He had to run and fight with defender for header and it’s not easy to score at that position.

  10. mano solo says:


  11. Kyaw Aung says:

    The song name is “Be A King” by E Dubble.

  12. mano solo says:


  13. Strahinja Maricic says:

    The name of a song is written in the title “Be A King”, that’s the name ofa a song! 🙂

  14. Thomas Allen says:

    Eden Hazard – The Genius Of Chelsea – Goals & Skills 2012/2013 HD is much better as he makes hazard look good , you wouldnt think hes good or skillful from this , in the other one it shows skills and tricks n shit

  15. Thomas Allen says:

    Eden hazard the genius of chelsea in my opinion is a much better montage as he shows the tricks and flicks of hazard , you dont make him look good in this

  16. AssassininThai says:

    e-dubble – Be A King

  17. nullcheckerzone says:

    Be a King – e-dubble :)

  18. MrMat228 says:

    Best plauer of chealsea

  19. VemRoberto3 says:

    E-Dubble – Be a king

  20. mano solo says:

    0:00 great pass by hazard and then TORRES

  21. chikiatar says:

    3:03 Great pass by Hazard, AND THEN.. Torres..

  22. misterx meistrox says:


  23. chelsea Drogba says:

    next season the best player in England.Cant wait for Murinho!

  24. mano solo says:

    yeah little man lol

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