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  1. joselyn108 says:

    Oh come on, put your shit together

  2. joselyn108 says:

    Torres, don’t sing. Seriously.

  3. CrazyDanB97 says:

    Who cares if Torres cant sing, if you look that good who cares if you can sing or not, no homo.

  4. zygiss9 says:

    Luiz is soooo drunk 😀

  5. Abi Evans says:

    Juan Mata is so cute! <3
    Frank is my favourite- what a legend!
    They playing Swansea tomorrow on my birthday! Good Luck Blues!

  6. 10sanjaykar says:

    Because it is 2012

  7. Montasir Shukaily says:

    is it cause of the 12th championship we won?

  8. Danzkern24 says:

    are you serius …

  9. Montasir Shukaily says:

    why are they all wearing number 12?

  10. kaungmyat356 says:

    I like david he is so funny!

  11. 100Minimi says:

    Drogba sings:
    Super super Frank …
    super super Frank …
    super super Frank …
    super Franky Lampard!!

  12. elsa monica says:

    Chelsea is the best club in the world! 😀

  13. evertonforever123 says:

    What’s the song drogba sings?

  14. faisal mohammed says:

    Super Frank Super Frank he is the best

  15. Lucas Alves says:


  16. phantasmagory says:

    lol is david luiz drunk?

  17. amazingdany says:

    Good for them!

    Will they defend their title in May 2013??? 🙂

  18. Gusein Guseinzade says:

    Челси Чемпион

  19. jacksterdtr says:

    @JWFifaGaming18 I dont know who you are trying to impress, but you are obviously lying, no match ball could have reached where we were sat..

  20. NandoTorresCFC9 says:

    I Am Pretty Sure He Says I Play No More Game Now ..

  21. RE7IRED says:

    fuck barca shit club

  22. RE7IRED says:

    Love chelsea!!! <3333

  23. Romeo Hakki says:

    haha look at you shitty club loosing 3:0! lfc is history they will never win the cl or the league ever again. nuff said

  24. a7xgirls1905 says:

    Torres should audition for X Factor! 😀

  25. NoVGAMING says:

    ???? Typical Liverpool fan always living in the past. Liverpool will never be as good as what they was! Your a cup team now! How do you expect to win the Champions league when you cant even get in it? Top 4 this Season will be Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd! (ALPHABETICAL) and I assume Tottenham will be 5th and PSG will win Europa. Get your head out of the sand and accept reality!

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