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  1. KTLification says:

    “paranormal activity 4″

  2. luciano6207 says:

    There is only one Torres. KTBFFH

  3. jayofsohamfc says:

    Shit house…. Joking… Invite me round for a BBQ. Quality place

  4. smiler19 says:

    Proper good! I had a similar reaction.

  5. Eskimo2hell says:

    “Yeah Feeeernandooo!.. Whattt!”

    Freakin Epic

  6. csvnmuonnam1 says:

    heheheheh funny! look at dogs

  7. cstigan says:

    I had a similar reaction 😀

  8. guggy2010 says:


  9. jorgen1990 says:

    Hey girl, where’s the man’s reaction to Drogba’s penalty? Did he dive into the pool?

  10. chelsea26811 says:

    3 dislikes – messi,xavi,platini

  11. JAMZYBHOY1989 says:

    Deffo a Council house.

  12. gecomaman says:

    Why was he calling for a handball!!! Also hope you got some fotadge of him doing a pool dive when we won the final

  13. Sdotmouse99 says:

    What a cunt

  14. ooizee says:



    This was amazing memory for me too, I watched it at home too, just amazing seeing us go to finals after this, was amazing! I love Chelsea I love when this happened, I had same reaction and loved it, I had my Torres Jersey on, but wow what a nice house. But we won Champions League and Champions of Europe! Love Chelsea and all fans!

  16. LMoneL says:

    Haha this is kinda funny 🙂

  17. hworkdedication says:

    Lol scratch out the dude..vvvvvvvvv

  18. hworkdedication says:

    Damn nice fkn house dude bro!!

  19. mufc4527 says:

    Chelsea fans poor? Its west london probably the richest area in UK

  20. CEIServices says:


  21. Championboy17 says:

    Nice ass house but where’s the fun if you don’t have other people to celebrate with?

  22. x1lilchris2x says:

    I wonder how his reaction was when drogba scored the winning penalty..

  23. dct4lif says:

    shit how rich is this fool daaaaaaaamn went chelsea fan to WTF

  24. jdburt98 says:

    I thought Chelsea fans were all poor

  25. lilbigbrow says:

    killergulle21 and a chelsea fan

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