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  1. jordanIRE9 says:

    Zusi in the MLS with sporting kc

  2. TeekkaaH says:

    Pogba FFS

  3. BurntFaceMan678 says:

    I hate you

  4. COCOxPOPS1 says:

    Ivuca Grlic
    Msv Duisburg
    86 free kicks amazing ingame stats

  5. TheDani199 says:

    try Long Tan from Vancouger whitecaps he is 59 and his price it is 150 coins
    try please

  6. jizlerrrrrboyee2k10 says:

    which is barry scotts song called?:D

  7. Crazyboy1506 says:

    Your Kit Is From Seattle Sounders Away Kit

  8. olhappyj1234 says:

    SEattle sounders

  9. 73lue says:


    Check out the video on my channel! Brand new glitch! June 14th 2012!!!!!

  10. ScoottyMulcock says:

    I got IF twigg for 7k

  11. alexthacker2002 says:

    man utd

  12. Ben Timms says:

    aha <3 anyway I've created a youtube not just to like stuff, I've created a youtube account to try and become like you and other fifa youtubers, thats my dream It would be really great if people were to check it out and watch my introduction and quick update video? plz it would mean so much that people are supporting me, its going really well so far, started 2 days ago I'm getting a pvr really soon and hoping to get a proper vid on tuesday 🙂

  13. iSGGv says:

    The first game against Sherborne Stars is where i live “Sherborne”. Cool. Bye.

  14. Dyiffjhddfvddfgh says:

    Robert Milsom SPL-Aberdeen Left Foot 78 FK Acc

  15. JJPriceTag says:


  16. cris1234able says:

    i hate it when people rage quit you have 0.72 times dnf so you must leave alot

  17. hedel3 says:

    there is a song with boom papi boom papi maybe you could use it a time

  18. iBlaze2much says:

    goalkeepers are overpowered? 0_0

  19. tobi4sg4mepl4y says:

    you sound like my grandfarther

  20. JVIystics says:

    akinfenwa tots

  21. PopeGaming says:

    Bronze beasts played by a gold beast !

  22. yellowyoghurt says:

    what is his home kit?!

  23. 3icemonkey says:

    The XBOX kit is from the Seattle Sounders.

  24. DannyFazHD says:

    Hey guys i know people hate these messages but id really appreciate it if you checked out my channel. I’ve been doing videos for a while so got quite a few up. i do xbox and pc gameplay. So check it out and leave some constructive criticism and i’ll really appreciate it! :) Thank you.

  25. Aphrodiziakable says:

    GET DEMBELE french guy in clermont foot

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