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  1. dojOdRiFTeR says:

    if the usa invest more money into soccer we would destroy every country.

  2. jasonmaich says:

    I dont get what the fuck is wrong with some chelsea fan on youtube, my comment was purely on my own analysis of the game and my prediction, i also said chelsea were favourites, acting like typical chelsea fans, just bcoz i predicted United to Win doesnt mean u have to approve it. stfu or say something that actually makes sense

  3. jasonmaich says:

    My comment was just my own analysis of the game, i did not hate on chelsea or its players, and gave my own prediction, u should read comments carefully b4 u make dumb replies, I actually acknowledged Chelsea were Favourites B4 the game, typical chelsea fans, u got what u deserved lost the game on bad reffereing decisions

  4. oliverr89 says:

    Lmao troll fail

  5. charliesks says:

    it’s going to be tough for Chelsea without his influence along side JT!!!

  6. XWARG4M3RQ8X says:

    waw what an idiot

  7. RibaFish66 says:

    Pussies you say?And what about your Handegg aka “american football”.All that protective gear what a bunch of american pussies compared to rugby.

  8. kobe24OBCity says:


  9. Satanicm0nk says:

    We’re not reliant on Lampsypoo anymore but we shipped out a lot of midfielders this past transfer window and are lacking some depth in the midfield.

    We’ll get through it though, Lampard doesn’t fit in the double pivot nearly as well as Ramires.

  10. Paolo Camero says:

    You have no idea who Frank Lampard is. He’s the very last player to ever fake an injury.

  11. hjebbe says:

    can they survive his absence? OFCOURSE HE IS SURPLUS NOW

  12. lifesgoodpeep says:

    Please go drink bleach

  13. jme915 says:

    yup.we don’t tackle each other wearing pad like want to be rugby player

  14. Turc18 says:

    i would say this would be a good time to have Ramirez playing in that defensive position put he can also get forward to provide assists 

  15. lennex88 says:

    yeah hes faking the injury…. soccer is full of pussies

  16. lucky4587 says:

    yes Chelsea are the best team in England UK london  and will beat Manchester united

  17. dkahmedkhalaf says:

    wish he gets back! his the playmaker… and important for the english team!

  18. relaxxson says:

    how wrong are you here Chelsea FC pride of London and England

  19. JaysBubble says:

    Lampards injury is a good thing to be honest as it will force RDM to play Ramires in the defensive midfield role who is better suited to that role in the first place meaning we will see a lot more of the Hazard/Oscar/Mata combination. I would love to see what Marin and Moses would be like starting together but for the time being I think they will just be impart subs.

  20. jasonmaich says:

    I didnt think he would play anyway in th United Game, why else would he start midweek, Chelsea seem to be favourites, deservedly so as United Defence is just in tatters, but should United score first i think it could be a very long day for them, everyone talks about the intelligence and creativity of chelsea mid trio, United forwards are just deadly with their movement and are so clinical, Rooney can drop back and help out in mid, 2-1 United

  21. joeychelo says:

    Chelsea’s boss Roberto DiMateo has responded brilliantly when the team suffers injuries. i.e. against Bayern in the Champions League Final

  22. the1musiclad says:

    I’m a Chelsea fan and although I personally think Lampard still has ALOT to offer us for a years to come he is not actually that vital to the Chelsea machine at the moment. For the past year or so he’s just acted (out of position) as a defensive midfielder alongside Mikel with recently Hazard, Mata and Oscar being the main focus. The current system just means Ramires can easily slot into Lampard’s position without much fuss or disruption.

    Lamps = Legend

  23. AiluroPanda says:

    Got a fit WAG also

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