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  1. riglerjoe says:

    Never seen so a bullshit game lol but hey all the goals count

  2. usaarkadfed says:


  3. RATHCFC says:

    but the game after was wank

  4. Liverpoolfan497 says:

    it wasn’t there last match of the season

  5. drugsguru says:

    Its a Scouse thing mate!! Is right means, Thats good..The fella is Short for fellow,lad,man, Bla Bla..End of lesson..haha

  6. mattsgp says:

    “is right the fella” i didn’t really understand that :/

  7. drugsguru says:

    Don’t live in the UK anymore i mean..Scouser till i die!!

  8. drugsguru says:

    Oh yes..Only i dont live in the UK..So i can only watch on the telly.. 🙁

  9. mattsgp says:

    looking forward to next season 🙂

  10. SuperAndrew411 says:

    the description says that this was the last game of the season.

  11. drugsguru says:

    Ye man!

  12. drugsguru says:

    Whats your point?

  13. drugsguru says:


  14. drugsguru says:

    Is right the fella!!

  15. R3YNOLD3 says:

    Torres, euh kelly clarkson! 01:54

  16. tommydhammer says:

    The most annoying, least funniest, prick on the planet. Fucking Americans.

  17. cfcrule99991 says:

    yes you beat us 4-1, but we are still the better team because we won the champions league and the fa cup.

  18. daniel smith says:

    wat a game

  19. SuperAndrew411 says:

    swansea 1 liverpool 0. Last game of the season.

  20. liverpool56781 says:

    goo liverpoooolll!!!!!

  21. usaarkadfed says:

    96 Chelsea fans are watching. YNWA!!!!!

  22. eden white says:


  23. ruxton89 says:

    horrendous commentary

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