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  1. UnknownGenius01 says:

    Hazard isn’t an arrogant or cocky guy. He’s just a joker.

  2. Blake Boros says:

    Ok seriously, who’s the one d-bag who disliked the video..

  3. James K says:

    Soulless club.

  4. Psycho Thinker says:

    what is the award paulo fereira won?

  5. dre don says:

    LOL hazard is the best! But on a serious note Lewis Baker should be in the
    first team next season!

  6. Mohamed Algahim says:

    Only 2 minutes?!!!! I would watch hours of this!! Come on CFc Channel! We
    demand more coverage 

  7. Mohamin cfc says:

    i was watching that live, mourihno made everyone feel uncomfortable, but
    you should see when they asked hazard who is your best friend in the team

  8. Lamasticroute says:

    “Cesar Apziliculeta” xD

  9. Manny Akinso says:

    2 minute video. Oh my gawd.

  10. Ad says:

    Never give Hazard away! NEVER!! YOU HEAR ME?!?!

  11. johhny mcwangy says:

    special recognition? is that the ‘management hasn’t forgotten you’re still
    at the club’ award?

  12. eden bluesallstars says:

    The best player of the world eden hazard !

  13. buk lau says:

    lol cudicini was like APZILICUTETA

  14. ChesnoidGaming says:

    Eden has to be one of the best players to have in the dressing room I’ve
    ever known. What a hero. Every single award winner deserved it, been a
    fantastic season for first team and youth alike 🙂 KTBFFH

  15. HazardousCFC says:

    Hahhahh Hazard !!! 

  16. Ed Ripper says:

    Seems hazard has improve his english bit by bit.

  17. John Johnson says:

    loool hazard is jokes man

  18. Byron dt says:

    Hazard what a joker XD

  19. 28tommyP says:

    1:54 I would have LOVED to have seen Jose’s face.

  20. MrCheddahcheese says:

    Oh that was hilarious. Hazard definitely deserves it just on his character
    alone haha 

  21. sorankurdi says:

    Well deserved 

  22. jeremia sintong says:

    hazard so funny!

  23. Joshua Wong says:

    Hazard, the second geezer behind David Luiz

  24. DawnVengeanceX says:

    Sorry it’s me

  25. Luka Ingram says:

    what a leg!!! hahaha thats why hazard is my fav player

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