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  1. Loranity says:

    Tbh, I doubt he missed his penalty because of a beach ball L. He was starting to run when the ball was already thrown and I don’t know much about taking penalties but I think players have already set their mind to which corner they will shoot before they start to run for the kick. It’s simply just a good save of Cech.


    No man Im not a bandwagoner, I just a newer fan then some, but I have become one the most biggest Chelsea fans from where I live in Canada, and will save all my money and go to Chelsea game in England, can’t wait! I wish I lived there just cause I would go to games, home and away and see stadiums. I wake up early for games here and skip school, love Chelsea so much, don’t call me bandwagoner.

  3. airgilbert says:

    lol, bandwagon chelsea fan.

    you give us a bad name

  4. Orangne13 says:

    Thanks for seeing that.

  5. MultiMariopeach says:

    IT is Robben not roben

  6. Marlene Lakhan says:

    if he scored dat waz it

  7. xxR95xx says:

    it was not the beach ball lol, if you carefully at Robben when he’s about to shoot, you can clearly see that he didn’t even notice it, he looked at the ball/ True hero are Cech and Mikel who was talking to Robben and said to him that Petr will save his shot lol legend

  8. GreatestSounds says:

    The second major choke from Robben after his incredible miss vs Spain in the world cup. Robben should have won it for Bayern here!

  9. adi20o1 says:

    tak nie strzelil

  10. silverleviz says:

    robben come to juve!

  11. FurkanTopal says:

    peh. what a silly shoot.

  12. jorgen1990 says:

    Not an asshole, he/she is a hero too. Hat off to him/her.

  13. luro96 says:

    The guy who threw the beach ball is a fucking legend!

  14. chrome74 says:

    …you’re totally right – it’s like yin & yang!


    Ya man I know what you mean, the more dramatic the more exciting its great! ya like QPR almost made it look like crazy crazy upset and was really sweet to all see to the end Aguero get goal, must being amazing feeling as City fan and ya its like that for all games I guess. And Euro’s almost here!

  16. pendejo92 says:

    yaeh winning that way makes it better, its like man city won the league, if they had destroyed qpr with 5-0 it wouldnt be the same, winning the way they did probobly made it feel 10times better..
    and me neither, soon the wait for euro is over


    Yup its nice Chelsea won and did it the way they did, it would have being nice to win by lots goals but Im happy Drogba got late goal and then a nerve racking extra time and then penaltys and Chelsea Champions of Europe! Alot is luck and almost like meant to be, Im happy and ya the Germany England world cup goal line thing was interesting, Im huge Germany fan and can’t wait for the Euro’s!


    Ya we deserved it what happend to Barcelona vs Chelsea in 2009 but glad we won even when we got the red with Terry and down a man at Camp Nou and still held them off enough and Torres got goal late and we advanced! But ya it was meant for Drogba to do that now, a perfect way for him to leave Chelsea with the fantastic tying goal and then winning penalty!


    I see you mean for Champions League ya we did get some luck but we deserved it for sure, the Valencia game was great and Napoli home even better, there were a few questionable games but Im very happy we advanced and beat Barcelona and then Bayern in finals, I love it! But yes it could have easily went other way. But so happy Chelsea won!

  20. pendejo92 says:

    and torres scored.AND a english team won against a german team who never ever lost a penalty shootout in european cups in penalties.it was destiny, 100%. too many wierd things happend, thats the secret of football, everything evens out at the end, just like that goal england score against german in the worldcup final like 100 years ago, 2010 exactly the same thing happend only for the germans.
    that cant just be a coincidence

  21. pendejo92 says:

    and it was so many wierd things, they won against barca in the semi just like barca did 2009, the final went to penalties again, drogba who got a red card in the final 2008 scored the equaliser and the winning penalty and the wierdest of all things, iniesta scored the winning goal in overtime against chelsea for barca 2009 in the semifinals after barca was being outplayed the whole match, this time chelsea got outplayed both the matches but still scored all their 3 goals in overtime.

  22. pendejo92 says:

    chelsea won because of the destiny, they deserved to win 2008 and 2009, but lost, now they didnt deserve it at all, the only two good games chelsea played this year was agains valencia home (3-0) and napoli home(4-1) all the other matches they had luck on their side.extreme luck.


    wow man your a bit lost, its ok, you have Messi who I will admit is probably the best player in football, and Barcelona great team, no doubt about that. But atleast Chelsea beat you guys and advanced with 10 men at Camp Nou and Torres scored lol!

  24. pendejo92 says:

    oh yes oh yes oh yes.
    they are supperior to all the teams in history.
    barcelona and messi are the rulers of football, the rulers of the world and soon they will come uppon you with great anger and smite you all down like the worms that you are!!!!


    No no no

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