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  1. Ляйля Садыханова says:


  2. whufcwesthamunited says:

    0:35 Awkward moment when just 1 person laughed there

  3. NemesisIsOnTheWay says:

    Torres sees him at the beggining and he’s like. “Oh Shit Im next” lol

  4. SiDSkiizA says:

    fuck your mum u cunt

  5. Curunir says:

    fdhfghfgh lol luiz :D

  6. 100vanesska says:


  7. nickylamchelsea says:

    thumbs up if you had to replay to listen to what lamps and torres actually said.

  8. TheGrimReaper97 says:

    David Luiz is boss

  9. MCcinematic says:

    Shame he sucks at defending.

  10. tomtevans says:

    Poor mans ballotelli

  11. QLnox says:

    pitty he cant defend

  12. oCallumx says:

    What a fucking legend, ahhahaha

  13. BallSacRash says:

    The thing people don’t understand is that he knows no english what so ever!

  14. kawasakikid800 says:

    he is a joker. just needs to brush up on the old challengs in the area

  15. cr91416 says:

    FUCK Chelsea

  16. massi9555 says:

    mdrr lool

  17. doshdosh19 says:

    what did he said at the end???

  18. gorillaz220 says:

    Lampards face at 0:27 is priceless

  19. 1Piran says:

    great joker 

  20. diepbanhtroi says:


  21. punkkid355 says:


  22. jasonthebest1995 says:

    hahaha so funny

  23. QLnox says:

    Hahah awesom

  24. jdoub5678 says:

    torres was about to LMAO

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