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  1. Piko6262 says:

    the score

  2. readaryan says:

    i wanna see their loser faces soon, now that Chelsea have won against their liking..ktbffh

  3. zoro roronoa says:

    What channel is TV? Is this ESPN?

  4. georgewilson19 says:

    they’re weak because they are missing Badstuber, Alaba and Gustavo with no extra CB to play in Badstuber’s place

  5. behrman914 says:

    bayern mun.60%. chelsea40%. but I support chelsea

  6. eadamic17 says:

    If everyone talking about Bayern Munich’s defence being weak actually looks at the stats, you will find a defence which was best in the Bundesliga this season (better than the defence of teams such as Dortmunds), a defence which has a stable core within one of the best national teams in the world, and a defence which has led Bayern Munich quite comfortably to the Champions League final.

  7. 55dickhead says:

    Chelsea FTW!!!!

  8. JironCFC says:

    bayern the better side? their defense are not that experienced and don’t compare to chelsea, as for attack, i think its pretty even. I’d take Drogba over Gomez anyday, the biggest threat for chelsea are the wings, and its no secret, i think overall chelsea are going to prepared for the match. I wouldn’t say we’re underdogs.

  9. gunnerfan87 says:

    Bayern 2 – 0 Chelsea

  10. buzzcity01 says:

    Yeah Sharm, the CL final is all about you. You have a plum job here in Canada and probably 99% of the people watching the match would not have the luxury of getting paid to watch it on a Wed afternoon. What an ignorant thing to say. If you want the true European feel, go back to Europe.

  11. CarlHH777 says:

    Haha Cox is so biased.

  12. readaryan says:

    *dont call yerselves pundits if u cannot see beyond yer ignorance of you personally want to win. Quite clearly you are biased Liverpool and Aston villa fans who wish evil on any other English team who is competing for tht trophy.

  13. readaryan says:

    U guys lack outside the box thinking for not believing that Chelsea can win. Don’t call yourselves pundits if you can see beyond your ignorance of who you personally want to win.

  14. dortusmaximus says:

    Hey Sharman & KJ, I know you both predict a BM win but who will you be hoping takes the trophy? Seems that the Brits here where I live are rooting for Chelsea simply because they’re English. You too?

  15. ElCuedo says:

    do not breath into the mic mr. cox

  16. MrRaPstick says:

    well done!

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