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  1. CRA0010 says:

    what torres could never do that… it’s ibra

  2. franklinjordan46 says:

    Number 1 is boss. Vid’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Song is from pirates of the Caribbean. Sweet pick

  3. franklinjordan46 says:

    Number 1 was boss. That was awesome.

  4. GingerDeadBoy says:

    @claudiah423 number one is Zlatan while he was playing for ajax.

  5. claudiah423 says:

    Is Torres number one? Or are my eyes deceiving me?

  6. 3miR11 says:

    22 goal# must be in top 3 goals

  7. leticssnatalia says:

    vc é Brasileiro n é?

  8. dylanBMX2012 says:

    Number 2 was the best.

  9. callumflysintheair says:

    Thumbs up if #17 should have been on the top 5 oh and I have done #36 guy who asked that question

  10. dminiman2897 says:

    Where was hulk’s freekick

  11. ben broughton says:

    Thumbs up who did no 1 coz I did

  12. mrkilla1121 says:

    What about maradonas mano de dios

  13. ben broughton says:

    I’d prefer messi maradonna for # 1

  14. magnanamous22 says:

    thumbs up if you have done # 36

  15. Fredrrickboffington says:

    good music lol

  16. ProjectBlackoutHD says:

    number 5 shuda been 1 

  17. MatheusDiasHD says:

    great bro ! i like (:

  18. crball7 says:

    LIKE + FAV !!!

  19. crball7 says:

    great dude =]

  20. TheDrimacus says:

    Woow, great comp!

  21. TheSixSiinZ says:

    good video but should have had roberto carlos free kick and both of ben arfa’s solo goals.

  22. KaiiZoHDTV says:

    nice bro 🙂

  23. JSmithHDTV1 says:

    AMAZING bro great work 😉

  24. PSHDTV says:

    Nice Bro !

  25. eddylou100 says:


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