Chelsea FC Top Chants

Chelsea Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. He hates Tottenham! He hates Tottenham!

  2. Only one team in London!

  3. mitanshu katrodia

    Chelsea is nothing but Pure Form Of Shit

  4. Brian Coughlan

    They cant touch us boys
    fuck off David moyes
    we’ve got mourinhoooooo

  5. Joseph Soffe-taylor


  6. Oh david luiz

  7. Juan Alberto Chunga Aparicio

    I’m south america . Blue!

  8. dylan mcauleyward

    Nice vid 

  9. Come on the blues 

  10. He hates tottenham-willian is the best

  11. Come on chelseaaaa

  12. oliverh hendeles

    Danish BLUES! <3
    Chelsea till i die! 

  13. Nice! Where’s the Eden Hazard song?

  14. Pride Of London <3

  15. dylan mcauleyward

    Champions of Europe

  16. Anyone know were I can get that background pic?

  17. Prashant Patil