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  1. Owen St john says:

    He hates Tottenham! He hates Tottenham!

  2. ashwin911 says:

    Only one team in London!

  3. mitanshu katrodia says:

    Chelsea is nothing but Pure Form Of Shit

  4. Brian Coughlan says:

    They cant touch us boys
    fuck off David moyes
    we’ve got mourinhoooooo

  5. Joseph Soffe-taylor says:


  6. Harry Patey says:

    Oh david luiz

  7. Juan Alberto Chunga Aparicio says:

    I’m south america . Blue!

  8. dylan mcauleyward says:

    Nice vid 

  9. Josh Dean says:

    Come on the blues 

  10. Nasra Abdi says:

    He hates tottenham-willian is the best

  11. Nasra Abdi says:

    Come on chelseaaaa

  12. oliverh hendeles says:

    Danish BLUES! <3
    Chelsea till i die! 

  13. Sam Kanavati says:

    Nice! Where’s the Eden Hazard song?

  14. Zach Cfc says:

    Pride Of London <3

  15. dylan mcauleyward says:

    Champions of Europe

  16. 123Gravina says:

    Anyone know were I can get that background pic?

  17. Prashant Patil says:

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