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  1. QPRandGAS says:

    haa brilliant 

  2. kingkerwick says:

    flag this c u n t

  3. kingkerwick says:

    flag this cunt

  4. harrykoul says:

    I liked it ))))

  5. 94carlisi94 says:

    your mother is a bitch

  6. tarek9121 says:

    I can so beat you at fifa 12 and I bet I have a better ultimate team and I know that since I have kaka,robinho,sahin,di maria,benzema and other good players you would crie if you see my ultimate team.

  7. denpap13 says:

    u r idiot!!

  8. 121Madridista says:

    Beginner difficulty, you shitcunt.

  9. osvaldino83 says:


  10. AugustusSinclair says:

    Why does the world tolerate people like you?

  11. alexlions18 says:

    i hope you will die

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