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  1. Chelsea Blue says:

    Robbi will do such a good job here, he knows how chelsea play. He will win us the EPL and hopefully get the best out of Hazard!, thanks ROBBI!!!

  2. NLWK110710 says:

    won the fa cup and champions league, what else do you want him to do.

  3. imanicleteapot says:

    I hope Di matteo, doesnt do a “Dalglish” good for about a season then, when he gets the job fulltime,lots of pressure, doesn’t deliver.. it wownt anyway I know *touchwood*

  4. kevinwhitecanvas says:

    0.42 fabio capello?? Wtf chelsea tv??

  5. eldar600 says:

    I think two years is little too much . Maybe one year . and see what happens will be safer . We don’t know if this guy was a great tactician or just inspired team to work hard specifically veteran players . Either way he made history . However, every great general saw his downfall . Question is how soon he will see his .

  6. IronMaidenCroatia says:

    yea they are just idiots not fans ,dont worry about those guys,congratz on cl for chelsea they deserved it

  7. Q8illusions says:

    Excellent point man, but the problem is, is that a lot of these fans seem to be so stuck up! The ManU fans, the Barca fans, they’re incredibly annoying. Not all of them of course, and again, with all due respect to you and the rest. I’m sure there are some Chelsea fans like that. But I’ve met so many ManU fans who are like that. I know someone who in the beginning of the season said ManU will win the EPL and the CL, and he was so sure of it! In the end, things were different. Know what I mean?

  8. IronMaidenCroatia says:

    true,but u could say that for barca real , and even chelsea after roman came..alot of folks saw great deal of success coming that way and started supporting those clubs…in a way we are all glory hunters because everyone wants their club to win and get trophies but good supporters back their club even when its not going well…

  9. Q8illusions says:

    With all due respect to you man, not everyone is like you. I’ve met people who haven’t been supporting United since they were that young. There are a lot of glory hunters.

  10. IronMaidenCroatia says:

    sorry ur wrong i got nothing against chelsea ,but Ive watched United since i was bloody 3 yrs old….nothing to do with some glory hunting……

  11. jtlampsu2 says:

    Well I disagree, he was one of the first of the players who got us on the road to where we are now……

  12. thanh315960000 says:

    damn I’m chelsea fan but i dont like this guy

  13. PinguTheG says:

    YESSSSS you deserve it rob!

  14. nutsanitsa says:

    wow that’s great!!!

  15. ThatOriginalFifaGuy says:

    Go cry to your mummy about your sexuality boy !! .

  16. BossBabyMiniCock says:

    bastian schweinsteiger disliked this video

  17. BocajLuap96 says:

    like our facebook page: Mario Balotelli is the reason why Liverpool fans ‘Never Walk Alone’

  18. MrXtremeHDGaming says:

    i dnt hate chelsea i dislike them…totally different thing lols….u guys r taking a rage over this and my 2 comments got too many negative votes….thx guys couldnt of achieved it without u thx again….

  19. orly dikunduakila says:


  20. josefakororua26 says:


  21. jtlampsu2 says:

    Great news, he deserves it… will be a challenge for him & the team, hope we have a better premier league season next year, but the 2 trophies made up for that…. Bye Bye Harry (tax dodger) Redknapp….. ho ho ho

  22. jtlampsu2 says:

    NO talent ??? 2 MAJOR trophies in 20 games !! Why watch a CHELSEA TV upload, when I summise you’re NOT a Chelsea fan??

  23. skillermang says:

    Good luck!

  24. MixmasterBrar says:


  25. kevajwz2 says:

    somebody see van der wiel playing against denmark and germany? that was terrible i hope chelsea dont sign him because he is a overestimated player he isnt good when ajax play vs real madrid he was affraid off ronaldo

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