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  1. vladanng says:

    Where can i find full video of Bayern-chelsea? 🙂

  2. Albert Taylor says:

    OH FINALLY, I FIND AFTER 3h,HERE ,WATCH LIVE BAYERN-CHELSEA: onlyfreelivestreams.blogs­pot.­­­­­­com

  3. RelentlessBertiBB says:


  4. airbaumann1 says:

    5 11 33 34 year old slow ukranian holding midfielder up against the man child that is DIDIER DROGBA HAHA LOL

  5. intransmissivel says:

    Toni Kroos>>>>>>>>lampard


  6. kami645464 says:


  7. MrUltras72 says:

    Deutschland Über alles !
    Bayern fuck all
    FRom Tunisia baby

  8. boostcesar says:

    you’d be surprised how many Americans still hold a grudge for WW2

  9. kumarbharti12 says:

    Wapflap .in

  10. jazzykoenig says:

    the american guy really hates bayern haha

  11. kipakyy says:

    miss click

  12. bhairava21 says:

    Wow grown men talking about a ball game. Men used to be more reasonable in the past.

  13. GQGPD4sDgV says:

    Wah sudah tdk sabar neh. Dukung Bayern munich jadi juara Liga Champions..

  14. GQGPD4sDgV says:

    Wah sudah tdk sabar neh. Dukung Bayern munich jadi juara Liga Champions..

  15. Shdow1 says:

    I love when they add a whore that has no idea what’s going on

  16. bengoyeulam says:


  17. seriouslyfuckutube says:

    i hope you are fucking joking.

  18. kadi chea says:

    Champions league,sports lover n both fans dis is an advice 4 u all. here we come de buildup 2 de final is every where bt wish some pepo victory n our condolencer 2 de other who will it b?nor want 2 b bt u must acept de unexspected

  19. zonedrugs says:

    the winner is CHELSEA ,, Bayern SUUUCKKSS!!!

  20. relannacary says:

    watch my videos and add me on facebook as red cary i lay out on a white couch in my profile pic

  21. jacqueslaurent says:

    by the way, do you guys do a show with the girl for premier league matches?

  22. jacqueslaurent says:

    Boateng and Van Buyten played against Man City and they were good.

  23. blazer33x says:

    so many ads

  24. trudon says:

    the prem is the most overrated league in the world. how is it not a two horse race? man u and man city finished 19 points clear of arsenal in 3rd. chelshit getting four points from a team means they did better over two games. consistency is what is key in leagues. based on chelsea this season they don’t have it. liverpool got 6 points form chelshit this season so we’re better then by your logic.

  25. lilbigbrow says:

    The reason Newcastle are above Chelsea and Loserpool is because the PL is the best league in the world and it aint no 2 horse race. Lets say Chelsea and Barcelona were playing La liga this season Chelsea won at home and got 3 points and 1 point at camp nou so does that mean Chelsea was better since Chelsea got 4 points from them?

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