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  1. xIPoPz says:

    Whats this guys name!? i need to get scouted xD

  2. MrAssasin97 says:

    Whatever pleases you mate.

  3. TheReaderWriter says:

    lol. haha. Thanks

  4. alkazapper says:

    Still you. Do you even read or even understand when you wrote your comment? Duh? you said “why asian star??bring Chelsea to Greece!!!” .. Hello.. in was not “just’ bring Chelsea to Greece. You meant to double standard the ASIAN as a whole. Got it??

  5. HoldYourColourZ says:

    lol these two fucktards having a fair old argument I say the American wins just about

  6. MrAssasin97 says:

    dude chill the fuck down.I am only saying this because I am from Greece and if they came I would go see them!Who is the retard now?;)

  7. TheManbearbig says:

    Would you two please stop bickering!! or else im going to have to dobe you in or grass you up to the teacher!

  8. EaFifaGoals says:

    Wow you never British soccer star do u this fucking makes no sense at all shouldn’t it just be equal and everyone should get the same chances of becoming a footballer

  9. legolaschelsea says:

    Zesh rehman only pakistani to play in EPL!!! there is bunch of talent in pakistan need to be polished… the only reason why pakistan lack in football is funding and polishing!! and law and order situation is quite bad… if chelsea send their scouts .. iam sure that alternative to old gaurds will be created in Pakistan.. its our humble request to chelsea fc that lpz send ur scouts!!! its good for both chelsea and pakistan… blues is my colour!!!

  10. UpDaShAmS says:

    yeah thats true but we shouldnt go mad buying players, just keep the younger ones there so theyre there when we need them which hopefully wont be for a few years. perhaps send them out on loan like de bruyne

  11. underageist says:

    i want to be one of them!! D:

  12. ScarySquirrel says:

    Fair enough.

  13. Naskilla19 says:

    I think this is more to motivate Asians kids to get into sports, it’s mostly the white and black kids here in the UK that go into sports and eventually are successful. I think everyone needs a bit of stimulation.

  14. Naskilla19 says:

    Lol when he said Asians, it sounded like he said Agents.

  15. sheva4life07 says:

    could you do anything like this in Pakistan

  16. footballlover06 says:

    This is cool! Anything in Australia to?

  17. TheReaderWriter says:

    You’re done because I outsmarted you and you have nothing else to say. Loser

  18. byMrChelseaLondonFC says:

    He might go to Chelsea “ONE DAY”, but as for NOW he wants and needs a break from football.

  19. Xtremefastnezz says:

    Yehh, He was a really really good signing. U kno he comes out the Real Madrid Academy. Real can do the same thing like Barça but they just sell their players instead wich is really dumb. Negredo,Granero,Adrian Gonzalez,Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid) Jurado, Javi Garcia,Dani Parejo,Soldado, Borja Valero,..If i worked at Madrid id be pissed to see how great those players are now and being wanted by really big clubs like Javi Garcia,Jurado,..They should have kept them.

  20. YoungKoolness17 says:

    agreed, mata is 24 right? just thinking about his future makes me excited, he’s such a great passer and a dribbler and he is still learning!

  21. Xtremefastnezz says:

    Yehh i agree bro! and ye imagine that Marin – Hazard – Mata and Torres up front, we be making any defense crazy with those.Specially bcuz Mata,Hazard and Marin can play on the same positions and switch all the time, Left,Right,Central..Btw we still got Davila to, one of Mexico’s biggest talents ! I think he should stay with Chelsea next season.Ye well Di Santo and Sinclair also come from Chelsea academy and u cant say they doin’ bad at their clubs atm, Di Santo scored a screamer last weekend !

  22. YoungKoolness17 says:

    yeah of course youth players won’t be suddenly playing the champions league, i’m saying we should prepare them more better, because if you look now the only decent players that came out these last 15 years is terry and mceachran while barca is producing incredible players every season! i hope we sign hazard in maluda and kalou’s position and also bro i hope we drift mceachran into the team next season, he’s great passer, swansea are a fool not using him 🙂

  23. Xtremefastnezz says:

    I also want DM to stay !! Love his passion with the club and the players also + he’s an ex Chelsea man himself wich makes the story even better!And ye i want Chalobah,Kane,Affane,Piazon and Feruz in the first squad next season.Let them play in FA & League cup!So they gain experience and who knows in january or the next season they can play PL or even CL games.We actually have a great youth so we totally should invest in em’.But we also need players for CL and they still to unexperienced for that

  24. YoungKoolness17 says:

    nah bro, it’s maradonna and pele that’s over rated, they think they are gods or something, fucking crack addicts, real legends i believe Ronaldinho , messi , ronaldo and c.ronaldo

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