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  1. lauflaufumdeinleben says:

    look at our channel

  2. SpoofMasterPRO says:

    Kids not even good

  3. Saffet07x says:

    he wanted to shot it directly but his timing was bad. but the re-action after it made him lucky 😛

  4. CarloneCarlo says:

    Noone noticed the ball breaks in air???

  5. ntimur83 says:

    because the first touche was an accident 🙂 and the score is a result of a good re-action

  6. Angel2657Dark says:

    Amazing !

  7. kirnelson says:

    Impressive skills but makes no sense. Why not just head the ball directly in the net?

  8. MoFaSh5 says:

    messi cant do that !

  9. DiSPiPE says:


  10. NewGoalsHDderPisser says:

    a new messi…?…;)))

  11. Extremegoals1002 says:

    very nice :)

  12. SoccerXXL says:

    Wahnsinn XXXX

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