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  1. KristinKocharyan says:

    He is so sooo shameful, he just can’t look at the camera for a second 😀
    Honestly I prefer when he speaks Spanish.

  2. XglasgowGirl says:

    aaahh his smile 😀 cutest little dimples <3

  3. Heidithefirst says:

    Sweet guy! Nice to talk to! 😉

  4. theodorafyn says:

    He seems like the sweetest guy

  5. weallovemusic12 says:

    he is soo hot, wauwww. ♥

  6. JatexTC says:

    No, we don’t need to see the old Torres next season. We need to see a new, fresh Torres who is far better than he was at Liverpool =) Golden Boot at the Euro 2012 is a foreshadow of his upcoming success!

  7. sexybillionare says:

    hey I saw you yesterday torres!!! love you

  8. abigailceesay says:

    He is sooo cutee!

  9. silviacan16 says:

    he is sooooo cute!!!!!

  10. Sylvz AvengedSevenfold says:

    He’s so sexy 🙂

  11. exoticlove12 says:

    and i thought he couldn’t get any hotter

  12. Favourites15343 says:

    i can hardly understand a word he is saying! D: wtf??

  13. crazynathan552 says:

    Is it me or has his English got worse since he went to Chelsea?

  14. misscookielover9898 says:

    i’d f*** that..doesnt matter when or how i’d just do it

  15. darkmatter786 says:

    Almighty God what a beautiful man you have created…he is truly beautiful and I’m melting just looking at him. Mashallah, may he be saved from the evil eye.

  16. darkmatter786 says:

    um what do you mean? Spaniards are mixed you know…long time ago, Spain was a muslim country.

  17. MissNxx14 says:

    he is one gorgeous guy! ♥

  18. Pearleea says:

    Torres is best striker!;)


    People in this video could u help a fellow English man like my self in another video titled spaniards are mixed . I am getting attacked by Americans who don’t think spaniards are white !!!! Lol literally I am lol

  20. bluemusicpeace12 says:

    Can’t tell if its rosacea or just baby rosy cheeks haha he’s seems aight tho 🙂

  21. Coldjumping says:

    Uuuuh *-* I want to hug him and call him mine.! ^-^

  22. tatinum2 says:

    sounds like he is embarrassed of his accent… I can understand most of what hes saying, but he mumbles throughout the whole interview

  23. EpatosMinea says:

    hot hot hot! *_*

  24. mandi2341 says:

    Ikr! Before I couldnt understand him 😛 I love his accent :3

  25. MarikaVVV says:

    I see that he wants to speak as fast as it possible)))

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