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  1. BadGamer99 says:

    russel´╗┐ howard ­čśë

  2. George Bruce says:

    John terry does´╗┐ hav passion no one likes him coz he shagged sum1s ex.

  3. TheCloeQueen says:

    that is not how you get´╗┐ your 5 a day =)

  4. llpalm08 says:

    Blackburn didnt earn that money they spent on Shearer and co, thats why they ended up having to sell them after a few years because they were in too much debt. Man U are in ┬ú700m of debt but pay off the right people so they are getting away with it while Arsenal havnt won anything recently and they havn’t been spending on the same levels as the others in the top 4 since they last won the Prem. And going on your comment about rules, so Serie A is the same as La Liga´╗┐ is the same as SPL? Same rules

  5. jimmyguitarman says:

    It still doesn’t matter. Only the name of the game has changed. The rules are still the same… whether its derby county in the 60s or manchester city in 2012, the teams have still had to win a significant amount of games to rack up enough points to try and win what EVERY team is after. Chelsea´╗┐ and Man city just put in SO much money which they didn’t even earn. no class whatsoever. Money just ruins football because it leaves you with dicks like mario balotelli and john terry that show no passion

  6. llpalm08 says:

    Typical fan who likes to moan but not know what they are on about. Premier League is run by the FA, Division 1 is run by the Football League. Without the formation of the Premier League there wouldnt be such a strong input of money into the top league as it would have been spread over the 4 Football League leagues. The trophies are different and the Division 1 Trophy is currently the Championship trophy. I´╗┐ could go even further but if you dont understand now then there is no point.

  7. jimmyguitarman says:

    The only thing different about the ‘Premier League’ is its name.´╗┐ It is essentially still first division football just with a different name, and all the teams I have mentioned have won the league without the need to spend loads of money.Chelsea and Man city are just a modern day Leeds United. I don’t care whether its named ‘Barclays Premier league’ or ‘Division 1’ it is still pretty much the same teams playing for the same thing.

  8. llpalm08 says:

    You are talking bollocks. ONLY 5 teams have´╗┐ won the Premier League. Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea and Man City who all got the league from being rich clubs, and Blackburn who got the league by buying people for reccord fees. They paid ┬ú3.5m for Shearer which, at the time the most any club in England had paid for a player. The other teams have won the Division 1 title when it was the top title but I was talking about the Premier League as its different.

  9. jimmyguitarman says:

    Arsenal. Blackburn Rovers. Aston Villa. Nottingham Forest. Derby County. Manchester United. Liverpool. Everton. There’s eight. I could go on further and further, basically it would be every team that has ever won it´╗┐ that isn’t Chelsea F.C or Manchester City F.C.

  10. iRiGDeN says:

    Don’t really like Chelsea,´╗┐ but this song is genius!

  11. llpalm08 says:

    Name one team that hasnt “baught” the Premier League´╗┐ then?

  12. tsrdms11101992 says:

    Who the fuck’s´╗┐ Chelsea? Don’t they buy the premier league with the Ibramovich’s money he stole from the Russian people? FUCK OFF CHELSEA!

  13. enragedbeen says:

    mhmhmhmhmhmh4mhmhmhmhmhmhhmhmhmhhPENISmwrg bcb jnb n

  14. xApexPred says:

    …they´╗┐ finished in the playoffs mate, LOL

    Reading won.

  15. MrIwishX says:

    when they won the´╗┐ league. good one

  16. titecmc says:

    hahaha´╗┐ wank team

  17. xApexPred says:

    Shit cunts´╗┐ couldn’t even gain automatic promotion, they have no chance.

  18. titecmc says:

    Fuck off you wanker…. Stick your fucking bubbles… stick your fucking bubbles´╗┐ up youre ass…. Cant wait to absoloutly batter you cunts next season

  19. 1989billboy says:


  20. Cowboy740101 says:

    wtf crap video


  21. FinoTheSuper says:

    i fucking love you´╗┐ chelsea

  22. MrMathias327 says:

    Chelsea must win the finals today, so let’s hope we’ll´╗┐ get a chance to sing the song today!

  23. mimi8729 says:

    I LOVE´╗┐ YOU!

  24. banjo2cc9 says:

    very´╗┐ cool video

  25. candy210202 says:

    how long have you´╗┐ been making videos for

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