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  1. Coopz2011 says:

    @MoneyManUK you fucking pussy, we play winning football tho haha 2 trophies bruvv, how can i say a bad word about barca? because their boring cunts and all their players apart from messi are diving cheating cunts and they wouldnt win nothing without refs. N Everyone spends money u donut, Barca, Madrid, City, United have spent loads, wasteman

  2. MoneyManUK says:

    u muggy little cunt chelsea play anti football and are the worst team to win the CL all this parading from a bunch of money grabbing muppets id be embarresed after that final as a player and a fan. how can u say a bad word about barca u piece of skum! Chelsea have bought all there sucess theres no satisfaction in that.

  3. andrew50444 says:

    Who is that fucking bithc?

  4. WhytockOfilms says:

    What a fucking whore

  5. Coopz2011 says:

    @axegas76 Barca dont deserve to win nothing, they play shit boring football and they get lucky with the refs on their side all the time, barca players never shoot from outside the box, its just pass pass pass itss fucking boring, apart from messi barca are shit, 1 man team and even he couldnt win u the league or champions league this season, plastic barca cunt

  6. slothgoonies says:

    Just be the sound of her voice, i can guess she’s fat, ugly, with about 3 children (one black), living on a council estate, claiming tax payers money because teh state “owes” her and her children a life.

  7. iplayroblox88 says:

    i was there it was annoying

  8. caption1987 says:

    @89MazzaUK dude… That was awesome 🙂

  9. Kizillia says:

    Someone slap that fucking wench.

  10. airgilbert says:

    lol retard

  11. DankinTunes says:

    when theres a kid like that behind me id fucking hit the little shit

  12. fukwart says:

    theres always a gobshite turning summat positive into summat negative

  13. nicool1987 says:

    haters haters everywhere…TOO FUNNY….Chelsea totally deserved to win..It was meant to be..and nothing any pathetic hater says will change that..have some respect!!! say congrats and go spread your nasty hate somewhere else CFC FOREVER!!!!

  14. 89MazzaUK says:

    Got lucky? Were you watching any of the previous games dude?

    Besides, I didn’t see you playing the final – so who’re you to determine the skill level of anyone?

    Silly person.

  15. axegas76 says:

    that’s how football is, the winner is not always the one that plays best. That cup was for Barcelona. Chelsea got lucky.

  16. RastaMay1 says:

    John Terry has won the double! And the shit from the Lane has won fuck all again cus John Terry has won the double!

  17. princeabs247 says:

    John Terry you racist cunt!

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