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  1. 11RD1993 says:

    well right now all i am doing is singing : BLUE IS THE COLOR…

  2. rob8918 says:

    I love that Billy is up front!!

  3. Gim943 says:

    Di Matteo, Di Canio, Mancini, Spalletti italians rule!!!

  4. SpWcd says:


  5. darylcarter1 says:

    Wow, you had the perfect location. Great footage of a historical event. CHELSEA! YEAHHHHH!

  6. NotImmuneTodubstep says:

    Yeah same!

  7. Dutchladystrawberry says:

    perseverance pays , finally we wooooonnn..i still can’t believe it!!!

  8. NotImmuneTodubstep says:

    we deserved this so bad!

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