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  1. dheerhira says:

    You just gotta love this guy. Proper Chels!

  2. mcsloo says:

    Is dis guy GAY he acts like 1

  3. FTorresDdrogba says:

    Well said mate.

  4. xlmVirus says:

    Pfftt Lol Good one! Got anymore? Keep them coming!

  5. STRAP91 says:

    Yeah, i put my hands inside your moms pussy

  6. xlmVirus says:

    Dude, hating on this video just makes you look like a prick and someone who has too much time on their hands.

  7. blingalyscious says:

    Jt a damn legend let other people talk…he’s still awesome and a fantastic Captain indeed!

  8. FMPsycho1000 says:

    doesnt matter, cant present

  9. TheFifaB says:

    Bet you don’t even know who that legend is…

  10. tomboy287 says:

    it sounded like he was having an orgasm – lol

  11. VigooIs14 says:

    Good Luck Barcelona Next time ;D

  12. STRAP91 says:

    suck drogba’s BIG DICK. FAGGOT

  13. STRAP91 says:

    2 dislikes, messi and terry are crying

  14. richrichrichism says:

    I am ur father.

  15. STRAP91 says:

    Who are you to tell me what to do. FUCK YOU!

  16. DeckInTheHoods says:

    My prediction was right! chelsea vs bayern!

  17. richrichrichism says:

    take ur opinions to the bayern channel.

  18. richrichrichism says:

    lolz SO TRUE. Me and my brother were screaming and jumping around. And then singing for the next ten minutes. Had NO idea about garys orgasm till the next day 😀

  19. FMPsycho1000 says:

    Wow, got to admit, that presenter sucks!

  20. STRAP91 says:

    remember, I said IF real win. bayern will be favourites. 60% Bayern, 40 % Chelsea.

  21. TheTipsterOfFate says:

    I’m sure if every fan were roman abramovich, you would feel that ur 50 million was paid off with that goal. What Chelsea fan would have not wanted Torres to score in that situation? So haters, yes, I believe that goal was worth the 50 mil. besides, uncle roman has too much money after all.

  22. TheTipsterOfFate says:

    kk… you don’t really play soccer then…? well, nvm, if your a fan, lets celebrate, what a day that was.

  23. yr06jcrawley says:

    Like if you agree with the team selection and formation. If you disagree reply and tell me why. I think we should try playing Torres in RAM before the end of the season, if it doesn’t work, we shall go with Sturridge. If Essien performs better than Obi Mikel in the coming weeks, he should get the nod. Team for the champions league final: GK: Cech LB: Cole LCB: Luiz RCB: Cahill RB: Ferreira LDM: Obi Mikel or Essien RDM: Lampard LAM: Kalou CAM: Mata RAM: Torres or Sturridge ST Drogba

  24. lebestianegra says:

    sorry i´m a german bayern munich fan from bavaria… could you explain me please but what means “gary neville´s voice crack”??? sounds funny XD FINAL GUYS!!! WELL DONE!!!

  25. lebestianegra says:

    Hey guys i told you yesterday that we will see us in the final… Nobody wanted to.believe me…now it’s real but not REAL lol Finale oh oh oh finale ohohoh I’m happy like you ENJOY greets from bavaria 😛

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